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County Attorney retires from role

Martin County’s long-time County Attorney, Terry Viesselman, retired at the end of June. Viesselman had been working in the county attorney’s office for the last 33 years. Thank you, Terry, for your time spent serving our county and its people. Your hard work was appreciated. Enjoy retirement!

Emergency ordinance approved

This week the Fairmont City Council passed an emergency interim ordinance on the spreading of manure within city limits. It’s good that the council took action to stop the over application of manure on the north part of town. Thank you to the farmers who have been considerate of their city neighbors.

Emerald Ash Borer in Fairmont

Fairmont’s Director of Public Works and City Engineer, Troy Nemmers, shared this week that Emerald Ash Borer was detected in trees at Heritage Acres in Fairmont. It’s unfortunate but inevitable that the invasive species would make its way here. Like Nemmers said, it’s good for citizens to be aware of this, but they shouldn’t overreact by cutting down trees or taking other rash measures. For resources, check out the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s website.

New pop-up restaurant: MINGA

Congratulations to Natanael and Leah Moreno on their new pop-up restaurant, MINGA. They’ll be partnering with Fairmont Brewing Company for their first event this Sunday. It’s great to see a new taste and new concept come to Fairmont. It’s also great to hear they’re partnering with other local foodies.


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