Trump court takes on abortion case

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Religious conservatives are about to have their day in court, the day they have been waiting for since the U.S. Supreme Court wrote the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision establishing women’s right to have an abortion up until the final trimester of pregnancy. Since 1973 they have rallied, voted for ...

What happened to ‘respectfully disagree’?

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There was a time when members of Congress referred to each other as “distinguished gentlemen” or “honorable representatives,” even as they were ripping each other’s positions on this or that issue. Lately, however, congress men and women have been targeting each other with racist, ...

S. African travel ban is justified reaction

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The World Health Organization was urging nations not to impose travel bans on south African nations after the outbreak of a new COVID variant, the omicron variant. Other countries, including the U.S., have banned travelers from that area, which WHO claims is not a science-based reaction. In the ...

Give the state’s heroes hazard pay

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One of the crying shames of the Minnesota legislative game playing is the impasse that has kept Gov. Tim Walz from calling a special session to approve passing out the hero pay for frontline workers, drought relief, and stabilization measures for nursing homes. The state has $250 million from ...

Et. Cetera

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MRCI on the move MRCI is a great program that helps find employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. While they don’t have a physical building in Fairmont anymore, they’ve been utilizing space inside local businesses for daily activities. What an excellent way to get out ...

Boosters for all won’t help unvaccinated

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention agreed with the U.S. government in approving COVID vaccine boosters for all adults last week, and urged all adults over 50 to get them. This approval recognizes the data that has been developing, showing that the vaccines’ effectiveness begins to ...