Clean car standards are coming our way

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It’s official. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has adopted the so-called California standard for tailpipe emissions, and will mandate that auto dealers get more zero-emission vehicles on their sales lots. The rules were published Monday in the Minnesota State Register. The rules ...

COVID challenges keep changing

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One of the criticisms used by coronavirus skeptics is that the advice from the government keeps changing. They quote what Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts said in March 2020 and note how different their advice is today. “First they said masks won’t protect you. Then they said everyone ...

Jan. 6 investigation must be held

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The events of Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol are unprecedented. Never before has a mob broken into the nation’s capitol to disrupt Congress in the midst of its duties — the certification of the election of a U.S. president. This was an appalling event, one that is being described ...

Et Cetera

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Truman Healthcare The Truman City Council heard from Jeff Mengenhausen, CEO of Madelia Health, at their recent meeting. Mengenhausen expressed interest in renting the facility attached to Truman Senior Living and provide primary healthcare five days a week. When it comes to rural ...

Weather doesn’t respect borders

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Perhaps you noticed the moon the last couple of nights with a reddish tint as it crept across the sky. No doubt you saw the haze in the morning air as you looked down the street, or across the valley. Meteorologists tell us the haze is being caused by wildfires burning in the West, affecting ...

County fairs brighten up summer

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The COVID-19 restrictions last year forced us to give up a lot of things that we take for granted — packing into a ballpark to watch a town team baseball game, for instance, or going to the movies or out for dinner. One thing that hurt a lot of small Minnesota communities was the shutdown of ...