Man charged with multiple felonies

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont man faces multiple felony charges in Martin County. Michael James Cramer, 38, has been charged with five counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and a $40,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

On April 24, 2021, a Fairmont Police officer met with an adult woman and a 15-year-old female juvenile. The officer asked the young girl to tell him why she was at the Law Enforcement Center. The girl began crying and stated that Cramer had raped and molested her.

The girl indicated that Cramer engaged with sexual contact with her at different residences in Fairmont. The adult woman told the officer that the girl stated the contact happened while she was still in a booster seat.

The girl indicated that he had sexual contact with her regularly on nights she stayed with him and that he exposed her to pornography. She indicated she was five and a half or maybe six years old when this behavior began and it continued until she was approximately eight years old.

The girl stated that Cramer told her that if she told anyone, they “would be in really big trouble.” The girl detailed other instances of unwanted sexual contact from Cramer.

The officer reviewed records showing that the girl disclosed some of the incidents to a relative in 2015, and the relative reported them to the Fairmont Police Department. The matter was referred to Blue Earth County Human Services. In September 2015, Blue Earth Human Services sent a letter to the Fairmont Police Department advising that the allegations did not fit the definition of abuse or neglect.

The girl stated she did not disclose other instances at that time because she was not supposed to. She then described other instances and explained what triggered her to report the contact now.

She advised that on April 23, 2021, she had been at Cramer’s house. She reported that she and Cramer had an argument about racism, the George Floyd case, and other high-profile cases. She advised that Cramer told her that they all deserved to die and he felt bad for the cops.

The girl indicated she got mad and called Cramer a racist. Cramer told her she needed to leave and packed her belongings in the car.

When the girl arrived home, she told a relative what happened. The girl and the woman indicated that the girl then began to disclose that Cramer had raped and molested her in the past when she was younger.

A review of the relationship demonstrates that Cramer had a significant relationship to the girl at the time of the assaults.


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