Martin Co. Area gymnasts vault by St. Peter

BEAMING — Martin County Area gymnast Ellie Schultze executes a front walkover during her balance beam routine in a Big South Conference dual meet against St. Peter on Thursday night in Welcome. The hometown Magic went on to defeat the Saints, 130.7-126.3. (Photo by Charlie Sorrells)

WELCOME — Martin County Area head gymnastics coach Beraiah Peterson chatted with assistant Blessing Reynolds at the scorer’s table, and then calmly and quickly penciled three skilled alternates into the Magic varsity lineup Thursday night.

Not only did the first-year mentor look for ways to shake off the rust from her roster’s three-week layoff, but Peterson now had to fill the three voids created when Anna Utermarck sustained a leg injury during the uneven parallel bars warmup.

Sabrina Segar literally elevated all four of her routines to win the all-around crown, while Abi Chavez, Emma Schultze and Ellie Hernes generated clutch points via each of their respective “extra” events to guide Martin County Area to a 130.7-126.3 Big South Conference dual-meet victory over the St. Peter Saints in Welcome.

“After postponing our dual meet with Luverne last Friday night due to the weather, it’s been quite a bit of time between competitions,” Peterson said in reference to the Magic’s win over Blue Earth Area on Dec. 19. “We definitely lacked consistency tonight, and then losing Anna (Utermarck) before the meet started kind of threw our rotation out of rhythm.

“We were, however, able to put up an impressive total (35.525) on the vault during our opening rotation, so that helped.”

Segar, who produced 34.2 points to strike gold in the all-around competition, anchored the Magic’s vault lineup by rotating and landing a Tsukahara that merited a first-place score of 9.35.

Anna Bachenberg turned her Tsuk for runner-up accolades for MCA with an 8.95, while Emma Schultze captured fourth place with an 8.8. Hernes, who filled Utermarck’s spot, capped the Magic’s counting marks with an 8.425.

Hailee Schuett then produced the Magic’s only top-four total on the uneven parallel bars by netting a 7.7 to place second behind St. Peter’s Audrey Kennedy. Kennedy, who claimed second in the all-around with a 32.675, won the unevens with a 7.85-scored routine.

MCA then picked up the scoring pace on the balance beam, with Segar spearheading a 2-3-4 overall showing on the 4-inch-wide apparatus. Segar executed a back handspring to a back tuck to generate 8.3 for runner-up honors behind Kennedy’s winning 8.5 effort.

Bachenberg and Schuett delivered third (8.1) and fourth (7.925) places, respectively, while Emma Schultze tallied the fourth counting team total in her reserve role with a 7.9.

Segar and Chavez, who was filling in for Utermarck, produced first- and third-place showings on the floor exercise, respectively, to help the Magic fend off the Saints for the team triumph.

Segar turned a one-and-a-half twist on her first tumbling sequence and landed a handspring front full on her second pass to highlight a winning score of 9.3. Chavez nailed a full on her initial tumbling run to help engineer a third-place total of 8.325.

Anna Klatt, who placed second on the floor with an 8.525, produced 31.975 points to claim third place in the all-around for St. Peter.

Martin County Area (4-0) plays host to Blue Earth Area, Jackson County Central, Luverne and Waseca in the MCA Invitational at 11 a.m. Saturday in Welcome.

Varsity Meet

Martin Co. Area 130.7,

St. Peter 126.3

All-around: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 34.2; 2. Audrey Kennedy (SP) 32.675; 3. Anna Klatt (SP) 31.975; 4. Emma Schultze (MCA) 31.925.

Other MCA scores: Hailee Schuett 31.55; Anna Bachenberg 31.475.

Vault: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.35; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.95; 3. Bella Edmonds (SP) 8.9; 4. Emma Schultze (MCA) 8.8.

Other MCA scores: Ellie Hernes 8.425; Hailee Schuett 8.1.

Uneven parallel bars: 1. Audrey Kennedy (SP) 7.85; 2. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 7.7; 3. Makayla Moline (SP) 7.6; 4. Anna Klatt (SP) 7.4.

Other MCA scores: Ellie Hernes 7.325; Sabrina Segar 7.25; Emma Schultze 6.95; Anna Bachenberg 6.85.

Balance beam: 1. Audrey Kennedy (SP) 8.5; 2. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 8.3; 3. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.1; 4. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 7.925.

Other MCA scores: Emma Schultze 7.9; Ellie Schultze 7.55.

Floor exercise: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.3; 2. Anna Klatt (SP) 8.525; 3. Abi Chavez (MCA) 8.325; 4. Hannah Brenke (SP) 8.3.

Other MCA scores: Emma Schultze 8.275; Hailee Schuett 7.825; Anna Bachenberg 7.575.

JV Meet

MCA 118.55, St. Peter 108.2

All-around: 1. Ava Thate (MCA) 28.0; 2. Emily Hagen (MCA) 27.8.

Vault: 1. Ella Meyers (MCA) 8.4; 2. Abi Chavez (MCA) 8.35; 3. Emily Hagen (MCA) 8.2; 4. Kerrigan Wilking (SP) 8.05.

Other MCA scores: Sady Ringnell 7.9; Ava Thate 7.9; Marah Steele 7.6; Brenna Groskreutz 7.45.

Unevens: 1. Hudson Ringnell (MCA) 7.3; 2. Jaiden Landsom (SP) 6.6; 3. Ava Thate (MCA) 6.4; 4. Lauren Feder (SP) 6.3.

Other MCA scores: Abi Chavez 6.1; Adeline Lenway 6.0; Kara Omundson 5.5; Emily Hagen 5.2; Samantha Domeier 4.7.

Balance beam: 1. Ellie Hernes (MCA) 7.8; 2. Hudson Ringnell (MCA) 7.7; 3. Jaiden Landsom (SP) 7.25; 4. (tie) Emily Hagen (MCA) and Marah Steele (MCA) 7.2s.

Other MCA scores: Ava Thate 6.4; Abi Chavez 6.4; Hannah Fischer 5.9.

Floor exercise: 1. (tie) Hudson Ringnell (MCA) and Sady Ringnell (MCA) 7.8s; 2. Jaiden Landsom (SP) 7.4; 3. (tie) Ava Thate (MCA), Emily Hagen (MCA), Ellie Hernes (MCA) and Brianna Baker (SP) 7.2s; 4. Lydia Slama (SP) 6.9.

Other MCA scores: Samantha Domeier 6.2; Kara Omundson 5.6.


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