Et Cetera …

Costs play a huge role

Blue Earth residents are showing some interest and excitement in a possible redevelopment project downtown. It involves the “Three Sisters” buildings owned by the city. Blue Earth native Janie Hanson would like to turn the buildings into a series of businesses, based on local preferences.

There is a big price tag attached, though. Namely $2.5 million, with the city being asked to kick in $750,000. The city wants to contribute about half that amount.

The redevelopment would be nice for Blue Earth, but it has to be at a reasonable cost. It’s not clear that can happen.

Park going to be busy

Cedar Creek Park is a huge asset for the city of Fairmont. It also is slated to soon become one of the few places in the nation with three disc golf courses. The new course is likely to come with more traffic, though. Meaning more parking along nearby residential streets.

One solution is a new parking lot for the park. That may very well be necessary. The park is not just a place to play disc golf, as it used by others utilizing the trail system or just relaxing with a picnic. Neighbors concerns are valid and should be addressed.

What will panel decide?

The city of Fairmont has a new charter commission. The group’s agenda is to examine the city’s basic structure. If the city’s charter does not address a particular issue, then decisions about the matter default to state law.

What will the charter commission decide to do? That’s a good question. It remains to be answered.

It’s decisions have to go back to the City Council for approval, but the commission also can place ballot issues in front of voters. We, along with citizens, will be keeping an eye on this panel to see where it goes.

Cancer center in works

Some Fairmont residents were discouraged when they heard the news that the Lutz Wing nursing home at the Mayo site in town would close. For various reasons.

But since that time, the former residents of Lutz Wing have found other accommodations, including at Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center in Fairmont, a good new home for them.

Now comes the news that Mayo is planning a major investment in the Lutz Wing. It will become the Lutz Cancer Center, a project that will cost nearly $2 million. This is good economic development news as well as a great legacy for the Lutz Wing.