Readers’ Views

Changing country for worse

To the Editor:

In reference to the June 29 Sentinel editorial on “civility”: In the 2016 presidential election campaign, my two children went to a Trump rally in Madison, Alabama. In the rally were hundreds of cheering supporters. But also in the crowd were a couple of people who were against Trump’s ideology. These people were the target of so much hate, directed and encouraged by candidate Trump. My daughter was afraid; she had never witnesses such hate. Not civil.

During the last few months, thousands of children have been forcibly pulled by this government from their families and housed in separate centers for immigrants. Some, from infants to under 12, are referred to as “tender age” children. Attempts to try to reunite children with parents are thwarted by a wall of indifference from immigration authorities. What does the editorial board of this Fairmont paper think of these actions?

How dare the editors of this paper criticize the miniscule resistance in this country. The onslaught of hate and anger encouraged by this government every day is sad, hurtful and possibly irremediably changing this country for the worse.

Peter Engstrom