Man allegedly assaulted officer

SHERBURN — A Sherburn man is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Daniel Gaylord Hanson, 54, has been charged with fourth-degree assault on a peace officer, which carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $6,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

At 1:55 a.m. June 20, a Sherburn/Welcome police officer was dispatched to a residence in the 200 block of North Prairie Street in Sherburn to meet with Hanson. The officer was advised that Hanson wanted to speak about pressing charges and arresting another individual for theft of his guitar.

Hanson demanded the officer arrest the individual. The responding officer said nothing could be done at that time of day, and they would need to deal with it later that morning. Hanson yelled for several minutes, then leaned into the vehicle, calling the officer names. The officer attempted to calm Hanson, but was unsuccessful.

Hanson said he was going to another police officer’s residence and began walking in that direction, continuing to yell.

When Hanson arrived at the other officer’s residence, he began to pound on the door and windows. Hanson then returned to the responding officer more agitated, yelling and cursing at her.

The officer advised Hanson he should back up, but he continued to crowd her into the squad vehicle. The officer then pushed Hanson away and called for assistance, at which point Hanson threw up his hands and started to walk back to his own residence, continuing to yell and swear.

The responding officer swung the squad vehicle around to view Hanson. Hanson eventually approached the officer in a calm manner. The officer attempted to get out of the vehicle, at which time Hanson screamed something about being arrested and lunged at the squad vehicle, shoving the officer back into it.

Hanson began shutting the door on the officer’s leg. The officer attempted to push the door open, but was unable, and Hanson eventually started to walk away.

A Martin County Sheriff’s deputy arrived, and was informed of Hanson’s disorderly conduct and assault.

The deputy spoke with Hanson outside his residence. Hanson eventually convinced the officer and deputy to come into his house to show them what the individual did to his house and from where the guitar was stolen. Hanson again became upset and yelled as they exited his residence.

As they walked outside, Hanson called 911 and complained the police were harassing him. After Hanson caused more difficulty, the deputy pushed him against the house and told him he was under arrest. Hanson struggled with both officers during the arrest and the deputy deployed his Taser. Hanson fell to the ground, then attempted to stand again after five seconds, so the deputy deployed a second five-second Taser cycle. Hanson rolled on the ground and the Taser wires broke.

Officers were eventually able to arrest Hanson, who continued to be uncooperative.