Local bus accident, children safe

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont School bus traveling south along Albion Avenue in Fairmont was involved in an accident with a semi-truck at the intersection of Albion Ave and Lake Aires Road. According to information from the Martin County Sheriff’s Department, the truck was moving east along Lake Aires Road as the bus was continuing south on the Albion Avenue.

The truck clipped the back of the school bus causing it to near the ditch where it ended up flipping on its left side. Inside the bus were 10 children and the driver. Responders to the scene were able to remove the children and the driver from the bus. According to information provided by Superintendent Joe Brown and Elementary Principal Michele Rosen, the 10 kids were all safe and turned over to their parents, and the bus driver was okay as well. An investigation is ongoing. Local law enforcement and emergency medical services were on site.


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