Speers guides Hopkins gymnasts over St. Peter, MCA

ST. PETER — Annabelle Speers nearly made a clean sweep of all four individual events to capture top honors in the all-around competition to spearhead Hopkins’ triangular gymnastics sweep over the host St. Peter Saints and the Martin County Area Magic on Thursday night on the Gustavus Adolphus College campus in St. Peter.

Speers outdistanced the entire field by generating a total of 35.5 points to strike gold overall in pacing Hopkins’ first-place score of 137.825, while teammate Torie Trevena captured third in the all-around with a 33.3 to pack scoring punch.

Trista Landsom and Addison Landsom pocketed second (34.65) and fourth place (33.275), respectively, in the all-around to fuel St. Peter’s runner-up total of 132.8, while Ellie Hernes recorded an overall mark of 31.325 to top MCA’s score of 124.775.

Speers earned the top total on the judges’ scorecards on the vault (8.9), uneven parallel bars (9.15) and floor exercise (9.25), in addition to sharing fifth place on the balance beam with teammate Ginaya Love with a pair of 8.2s.

Addison Landsom claimed the balance beam crown by executing an 8.75-scored routine for the hometown Saints.

Hernes topped the Magic’s effort by producing her lineup’s best showing on the triangular by sharing third-place accolades with St. Peter’s Anna Klatt and Hopkins’ Love with 8.6s on the vault.

Mollie Leiding contributed an 8.45 total for MCA off the vault table, Abi Chavez tallied an 8.3, while Jadyn Montgomery capped the counting scores with an 8.15.

Ellie Schultze produced a 7.75 to top MCA’s statistical charts on the uneven bars, Chavez supplied a 6.95, Hernes netted a 6.75, while Hailee Schuett chipped in a 6.4.

Schultze also led the Magic on the beam with an 8.0, Hernes trailed just one-tenth back at 7.9, Leiding merited a 7.8, while Schuett added a 7.4.

Anna Bachenberg set the scoring tone for MCA on the floor exercise with an 8.7, while Hernes also cleared the 8-point plateau with an 8.1. Chavez and Adrianna Knafla rounded out the counting scores with a 7.95 and a 7.6, respectively.

Martin County Area plays host to New Ulm and Waseca in a Big South Conference triangular on Tuesday at Live Fit Sport & Wellness Center in Fairmont.

Hopkins 137.825; St. Peter 132.8;

MCA 124.775

All-Around: 1. Annabelle Speers (HOP) 35.5; 2. Trista Landsom (SP) 34.65; 3. Torie Trevena (HOP) 33.3; 4. Addison Landsom (SP) 33.275; 5. Jade Hutton (HOP) 33.075.

MCA score: Ellie Hernes 31.325.

Vault: 1. Annabelle Speers (HOP) 8.9; 2. Trista Landsom (SP) 8.625; 3. (tie) Ellie Hernes (MCA), Anna Klatt (SP) and Ginaya Love (HOP) 8.6s.

Other MCA scores: Mollie Leiding 8.45; Abi Chavez 8.3; Jadyn Montgomery 8.15; Adrianna Knafla 8.1.

Unevens: 1. Annabelle Speers (HOP) 9.15; 2. Geannessa Reglos (HOP) 8.875; 3. Trista Landsom (SP) 8.8; 4. Makayla Moline (SP) 8.2; 5. Viviene Paulson (HOP) 8.175.

MCA scores: Ellie Schultze 7.75; Abi Chavez 6.95; Ellie Hernes 6.75; Hailee Schuett 6.4; Jadyn Montgomery 6.35.

Beam: 1. Addison Landsom (SP) 8.75; 2. Torie Trevena (HOP) 8.6; 3. Trista Landsom (SP) 8.55; 4. Jade Hutton (HOP) 8.325; 5. (tie) Annabelle Speers (HOP) an Ginaya Love (HOP) 8.2s.

MCA scores: Ellie Schultze 8.0; Ellie Hernes 7.9; Mollie Leiding 7.8; Hailee Schuett 7.4; Anna Bachenberg 7.3.

Floor: 1. Annabelle Speers (HOP) 9.25; 2. Anna Klatt (SP) 9.25; 3. Ginaya Love (HOP) 9.0; 4. Torie Trevena (HOP) 8.925; 5. Viviene Paulson (HOP) 8.85.

MCA scores: Anna Bachenberg 8.7; Ellie Hernes 8.1; Abi Chavez 7.95; Adrianna Knafla 7.6; Hailee Schuett 7.55.


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