Cardinals sprint by Bucs in duals

FIELDING A WIN — Fairmont’s Armando Hernandez arches before clearing the high jump bar for first-place honors during a track & field dual meet Tuesday at Bob Bonk Track in Fairmont. (Photo by Greg Abel)

FAIRMONT — The Fairmont Cardinals got a chance to mix up the lineup.

Fairmont’s boys beat the Blue Earth Area Bucs 105.67-43.33, while the Cardinal girls won 128.5-17.5 during a dual track & field meet Tuesday.

BEA’s 4×800-meter relay team of Cameron Germain, Angel Martinez, Aaron Lorenz and Gabe Smith started the meet with a win over Fairmont’s Isaac Sheard, Taylor Austin, Will Niestrath and Ty Nawrocki. BEA’s crew posted a time of 9:38.7, while Fairmont’s ran 9:40.5.

Fairmont’s 4×800 relay team of Tabitha Thatcher, Carissa Saxton, Carys Gudahl and Hannah Neusch was the lone girls tandem running, finishing first in 10:58.

Fairmont’s boys then swept the high hurdles. Trey Tumbleson claimed first in 18.4, while teammate David Maakestad was less than a step behind at 18.5 for second.

Ellie Hernes took her first gold of the day in the high hurdles, crossing the finish line in 16.5 for Fairmont, while Eloise Blair took second for BEA in 17.3.

Fairmont swept the top spots in the boys’ 100-meter dash. James Johnson claimed first in 11.9, Elijah Johnson took second in 12.4 and Prince Lebbi and Blaze Geiger tied for third at 12.8.

Sabrina Segar earned a gold for the Cardinals in the open 100 with a time of 13.6, then Brooklyn Meyer took second for Fairmont in 14.1.

Lebbi, Maakestad, James Johnson and Hudson Artz then teamed up to grab gold for Fairmont in the 4×200-meter relay with a time of 1:37.2, while BEA’s Waylen Douglas, Jack Norman, Gabe Torres and Bruk Sonnicksen finished second in 1:40.9.

Corene Moeller, Bella Larson, Andrea Rojo and Hernes then stayed a second ahead to claim gold in the girls’ portion of the 4×200, beating BEA’s Te’a Armstrong, Sophie Keister, Lauren Bleess and Addison Armstrong, 1:56.2-1:57.4.

The Cardinals claimed the top spots in the boys’ 1,600-meter run. William Saari led the way with a time of 5:08.5, while Connor Artner finished second in 5:23.9.

Laura Thompson dominated the 1,600-meter run with a time of 5:13.6, the third fastest in Fairmont school history and the fastest Cardinal girls’ time in 24 years.

Macy Hanson claimed second for the Cardinals in 5:42.9, while Aubrey Hueper (7:36.9) and Leah Becker (7:42.3) took third and fourth, respectively, for the Bucs.

BEA’s 4×100 of Riley Anderson, Austin Thielfoldt, Jacob Olson and Jack Norman edged Fairmont’s Prince Lebbi, Andrew Johnson, James Johnson and Artz, 46.6-47.2.

Fairmont’s Linse, Meyer, Schultze and Segar paired for a time of 54.8 to beat BEA’s Survis, Haley Kalis, Kate Armson and Lizzy Uecker (58.4) in the 4×100.

Fairmont swept the boys’ 400-meter dash. Geiger took first in 58.9, Taylor Austin finished second in 1:01.3, Nawrocki took third in 1:01.8.

Saxton took first for the Cardinals in the 400 with a time of 1:07.7, while Douglas claimed second for BEA in 1:10.9.

Larson finished third for Fairmont in 1:11.2 in the 400-meter dash.

Maakestad took gold for the Cardinals in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 43.9, while Kainen Craig finished second in 46 seconds. Gabe Smith earned third for the Bucs in 46.4.

The Fairmont girls swept the 300-meter hurdles. Hernes took first in 51.3, Hadley Artz finished second in 55.1 and Jazlyn Geerdes claimed third in 56.4.

Fairmont claimed the top spots in the boys’ 800-meter run. Andrew Johnson (2:18) took first, Connor Artner (2:23.7) finished second, Saari (2:24) took third.

Fairmont then swept the girls 800. Thompson kept up her dominant day with a time of 2:28.6 for first, while Hanson (2:45.4) placed second and Emily Hagen (3:03.3) took third.

Hudson Artz claimed gold in the 200-meter dash for Fairmont in 23.4, while Riley Anderson took second for BEA in 24.4. Hernandez claimed third for Fairmont in 25.8.

Moeller (28.2) finished first for Fairmont in the girls’ 200, while Larson finished second in 30 seconds and Bleess took third for BEA in 30.5.

Fairmont’s boys took the top spots in the 3,200-meter run. Alex Cruz (12:14.9), Gavin Artner (12:42.3), Grunewald (13:28.3) and Landon Weber (13:34.7) took first through fourth, respectively.

The Cardinal girls claimed the top three spots in the 3,200. Neusch (12:39.4), Tabitha Thatcher (13:07.9) and Gudahl (13:35.1) took first through third, respectively.

Fairmont’s 4×400 of Schultze, Moeller, Saxton and Thompson won in 4:26.5, while BEA’s team of Te’a Armstrong, Armon, Blair and Addison Armstrong finished second in 4:30.3.

Andrew Johnson, Geerdes, Geiger and Craig ran the boys’ portion in 3:52.3 as the only varsity competitors.

“This is our fifth meet, and the first four were really bad weather, cold and windy, and I kind of expected that today, but it turned out to be by far our best day and I think our results show that,” Fairmont head coach Bob Bonk said. “We had by far our best meet of the year, many, many personal bests and season bests. Very good day.”

BEA’s Nick Frank took the top spot in the shot put with a heave of 43-10, while Fairmont’s Hank Artz threw for 42-0.25 for second. Natalie Tonne took the top spot in the girls’ portion with a heave of 34-6.5 for Fairmont, while Te’a Armstrong placed second at 32-2.75.

BEA’s Luke Norman earned first in the boys’ discus with a toss of 130-2, while Fairmont’s Sawyer Tordsen heaved the disc 127-10 for second. Tonne earned another gold for the Cardinals in the girls’ portion with a toss of 89-4, with Cihoski close behind at 83-11.

Fairmont swept the boys high jump. Hernandez took first by clearing 5-8, while Maakestad and Tumbleson took second and third at 5-2.

The Cardinals took the top spots in the girls’ portion. Dietz won by clearing 4-6, while Hope Klanderud took second at the same height and Linse took third, clearing the same bar.

Craig earned Fairmont the top spot in the pole vault when he cleared 8-0, while Shane Levenhagen took second for BEA at 7-0.

Addison Armstrong earned gold for the Bucs in the pole vault when she cleared 7-6, while Schultze (second), Segar (third) and Rachel O’Connor (third) all cleared the same bar for Fairmont.

Thielfoldt earned the top spot for BEA in the long jump with a leap of 19-10, while Torres claimed second when he landed at 18-0.75.

Hernes took gold once again for the Cardinals in the long jump with a leap of 15-9.5, while Meyer took second at 15-3.5 and Emily Frank finished third at 14-10.75.

Lockwood then took first for the Cardinals in the triple jump with a hop of 36-1.5, while Austin Stauffer claimed second for BEA in 35-2.25.

Frank started a Cardinal sweep in the girls triple jump with a leap of 32-8, while Geerdes finished second at 31-9.75.

Fairmont plays host to Luverne and Pipestone Area at 4:30 p.m. Friday at Bob Bonk Track in Fairmont.

Blue Earth Area goes to Windom for a quadrangular at 4 p.m. Thursday.

Fairmont Dual

Boys Division

Team Scores: 1. Fairmont 105.67; 2. Blue Earth Area 43.33.

100: 1. James Johnson (F) 11.9; 2. Elijah Johnson (F) 12.4; 3. Prince Lebbi (F) 12.8; 4. Blaze Geiger (F) 12.8; 5. Elijah Sanchez (B) 13.9.

Other BEA time: Carson Meyers 14.7.

200: 1. Hudson Artz (F) 23.4; 2. Riley Anderson (B) 24.4; 3. Armando Hernandez (F) 25.8; 4. Isaiah Lockwood (F) 25.9; 5. Bruk Sonnicksen (B) 26.

Other Fairmont times: Elijah Johnson 26.1, Ty Nawrocki 28.3.

Other BEA time: Carson Meyers 30.0.

400: 1. Blaze Geiger (F) 58.9; 2. Taylor Austin (F) 1:01.3; 3. Ty Nawrocki (F) 1:01.8; 4. Andrew Haefner (F) 1:03.7.

800: 1. Andrew Johnson (F) 2:18; 2. Connor Artner (F) 2:23.7; 3. William Saari (F) 2:24; 4. Isaac Sheard (F) 2:27.8; 5. Blair Lunz (B) 2:34.0.

Other Fairmont time: Selvin Forsythe 2:39.6.

1,600: 1. William Saari (F) 5:08.5; 2. Connor Artner (F) 5:23.9; 3. Will Niestrath (F) 5:32.1; 4. Selvin Forsythe (F) 5:41.9; 5. Cameron Germain (B) 5:47.3.

Other Fairmont time: Kellen Stenzel 6:09.9.

3,200: 1. Alex Cruz (F) 12:14.9; 2. Gavin Artner (F) 12:42.3; 3. Ethan Grunewald (F) 13:28.3; 4. Landon Weber (F) 13:34.7; 5. Eli Paz (B) 14:54.7.

HH: 1. Trey Tumbleson (F) 18.4; 2. David Maakestad (F) 18.5; 3. Armando Hernandez (F) 20.8.

300H: 1. David Maakestad (F) 43.9; 2. Kainen Craig (F) 46.0; 3. Gabe Smith (B) 46.4; 4. Trey Tumbleson (F) 49.7; 5. Ethan Geerdes (F) 49.9.

4×100: 1. BEA (Riley Anderson, Austin Thielfoldt, Jacob Olson, Jack Norman) 46.6; 2. Fairmont (Prince Lebbi, Andrew Johnson, James Johnson, Hudson Artz) 47.2.

4×200: 1. Fairmont (Prince Lebbi, David Maakestad, James Johnson, Hudson Artz) 1:37.2; 2. BEA (Waylen Douglas, Jack Norman, Gabe Torres, Bruk Sonnicksen) 1:40.9.

4×400: 1. Fairmont (Andrew Johnson, Ethan Geerdes, Blaze Geiger, Kainen Craig) 3:52.3.

4×800: 1. BEA (Cameron Germain, Angel Martinez, Aaron Lorenz, Gabe Smith) 9:38.7; 2. Fairmont (Isaac Sheard, Taylor Austin, Will Niestrath, Ty Nawrocki) 9:40.5.

Shot put: 1. Nick Frank (B) 43-10; 2. Hank Artz (F) 42-0.25; 3. Noah Rahm (F) 41-8.5; 4. Sawyer Tordsen (F) 39-3; 5. Luke Norman (B) 37-11.75.

Other Fairmont score: Blake Hatfield 30-11.5.

Other BEA scores: Jack Norman 34-8, Blake Ripley 31-3.25.

Discus: 1. Luke Norman (B) 130-2; 2. Sawyer Tordsen (F) 127-10; 3. Nick Frank (B) 121-8; 4. Noah Rahm (F) 117-10; 5. Jack Norman (B) 94-2.

Other Fairmont scores: Hunter Perzam 82-10, Hank Artz 80-11, Ethan Geerdes 69-1, David Barrientos 60-8, Landon Gilbertson 49-9.

Other BEA scores: Blake Ripley 92-2, LaVerne Thorson 79-1.

High Jump: 1. Armando Hernandez (F) 5-8; 2. (tie) David Maakestad (F), Trey Tumbleson (F), Arty Mwangi (B) 5-2s; 5. (tie) Jacob Olson (B), Blaze Geiger (F) 5-0s.

Pole Vault: 1. Kainen Craig (F) 8-0; 2. Shane Levenhagen (B) 7-0; 3. Taylor Austin (F) 7-0.

Long Jump: 1. Austin Thielfoldt (B) 19-10; 2. Gabe Torres (B) 18-0.75; 3. Armando Hernandez (F) 17-8; 4. Prince Lebbi (F) 16-9; 5. Elijah Johnson (F) 16-8.75.

Other Fairmont scores: Isaiah Lockwood 16-4.5, Kyler Wolters 15-9.25.

Other BEA scores: Austin Skaden 15-2.5, Alex Dikken 15-0.25, Angel Martinez 11-10.25.

Triple Jump: 1. Isaiah Lockwood (F) 36-1.5; 2. Austin Stauffer (B) 35-2.25; 3. Trey Tumbleson (F) 34-1.75; 4. Kyler Wolters (F) 33-11.25; 5. Austin Skaden (B) 33-9.25.

Other Fairmont score: Gavin Artner 30-4.75.

Other BEA score: Arty Mwangi 33-0.5.

Girls Division

Team scores: 1. Fairmont 128.5; 2. BEA 17.5.

100: 1. Sabrina Segar (F) 13.6; 2. Brooklyn Meyer (F) 14.1; 3. Tailor Douglas (B) 14.4; 4. Emma Scheppmann (F) 14.6; 5. Kenzie Eckles (B) 15.1.

Other Fairmont time: Ellie Plumhoff 16.9.

Other BEA times: Ally Caldwell 15.7, Maddie Dulac 17.0.

200: 1. Corene Moeller (F) 28.2; 2. Bella Larson (F) 30.0; 3. (tie) Lauren Bleess (B), Andrea Rojo (F) 30.5s; 5. Emma Scheppmann (F) 31.4.

Other BEA times: Elizabeth Jacobson 32.1, Maddie Dulac 33.0, Kenzie Eckles 37.5.

400: 1. Carissa Saxton (F) 1:07.7; 2. Tailor Douglas (B) 1:10.9; 3. Bella Larson (F) 1:11.2; 4. Elizabeth Jacobson (B) 1:11.5; 5. Shaye Dietz (F) 1:15.5.

Other Fairmont time: Jozie Hoefker 1:16.1.

800: 1. Laura Thompson (F) 2:28.6; 2. Macy Hanson (F) 2:45.4; 3. Emily Hagen (F) 3:03.3; 4. Hope Klanderud (F) 3:10.1.

1,600: 1. Laura Thompson (F) 5:13.6; 2. Macy Hanson (F) 5:42.9; 3. Aubrey Hueper (B) 7:36.9; 4. Leah Becker (B) 7:42.3.

3,200: 1. Hannah Neusch (F) 12:39.4; 2. Tabitha Thatcher (F) 13:07.9; 3. Carys Gudahl (F) 13:35.1; 4. Calli Ferguson (B) 14:58.

HH: 1. Ellie Hernes (F) 16.5; 2. Eloise Blair (B) 17.3; 3. Brooklyn Meyer (F) 18.1; 4. Hadley Artz (F) 18.2; 5. Hannah Linse (F) 18.9.

Other BEA time: Lauren Survis 21.1.

300 H: 1. Ellie Hernes (F) 51.3; 2. Hadley Artz (F) 55.1; 3. Jazlyn Geerdes (F) 56.4; 4. Anna Utermarck (F) 58.3.

4×100: 1. Fairmont (Hannah Linse, Brooklyn Meyer, Ellie Schultze, Sabrina Segar) 54.8; 2. BEA (Lauren Survis, Haley Kalis, Kate Armon, Lizzy Uecker) 58.4.

4×200: 1. Fairmont (Corene Moeller, Bella Larson, Andrea Rojo, Ellie Hernes) 1:56.2; 2. BEA (Te’a Armstrong, Sophie Keister, Lauren Bleess, Addison Armstrong) 1:57.4.

4×400: 1. Fairmont (Ellie Schultze, Corene Moeller, Carissa Saxton, Laura Thompson) 4:26.5; 2. BEA (Te’a Armstrong, Kate Armon, Eloise Blair, Addison Armstrong) 4:30.3.

4×800: 1. Fairmont (Tabitha Thatcher, Carissa Saxton, Hannah Neusch, Carys Gudahl) 10:58.

Shot put: 1. Natalie Tonne (F) 34-6.5; 2. Te’a Armstrong (B) 32-2.75; 3. Abigail Cihoski (F) 29-7.5; 4. Chloe Groe (B) 26-5.5; 5. Eloise Blair (B) 26-0.

Other Fairmont scores: Alexa Bush 25-8.75, Emma Scheppmann 21-6.25.

Other BEA score: Ella Survis 21-6.75.

Discus: 1. Natalie Tonne (F) 89-4; 2. Abigail Cihoski (F) 83-11; 3. Chloe Groe (B) 81-3; 4. Vanessa Bliesmer (F) 68-4; 5. Sabrina Segar (F) 66-11.

Other Fairmont score: Alexa Bush 58-5.

Other BEA score: Ella Survis 48-3.

High Jump: 1. Shaye Dietz (F) 4-6; 2. Hope Klanderud (F) 4-6; 3. Hannah Linse (F) 4-6; 4. Vanessa Bliesmer (F) 4-4; 5. Sophie Keister (B) 4-4.

Pole Vault: 1. Addison Armstrong (B) 7-6; 2. Ellie Schultze (F) 7-6; 3. (tie) Sabrina Segar (F), Rachel O’Connor (F) 7-6; 5. Jazmyn Lunz (B) 7-0.

Other Fairmont scores: Vanessa Bliesmer 6-6, Carys Gudahl 6-6.

Other BEA score: Tailor Douglas 6-6.

Long Jump: 1. Ellie Hernes (F) 15-9.5; 2. Brooklyn Meyer (F) 15-3.5; 3. Emily Frank (F) 14-10.75; 4. Bella Larson (F) 14-2.75; 5. Rachel O’Connor (F) 13-3.

Other Fairmont scores: Hadley Artz 12-9, Angelica Kerekes 12-6.

BEA scores: Lauren Survis 12-6.5, Lizzy Uecker 12-5, Haley Kalis 12-2.5, Maddie Dulac 11-0.

Triple Jump: 1. Emily Frank (F) 32-8; 2. Jazlyn Geerdes (F) 31-9.75; 3. Anna Utermarck (F) 29-8.75; 4. Rachel O’Connor (F) 29-4.5; 5. Kate Armon (B) 27-9.5.

Other BEA score: Haley Kalis 26-5.5.


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