MCA gymnasts hit season-high scoring mark

PERFECT FORM — Martin County Area gymnast Anna Bachenberg executes a back handspring during her routine on the balance beam during a Big South Conference dual meet against St. James Area on Thursday night at Live Fit Sport & Wellness Center in Fairmont. Magic assistant coach Annie Post (right) and gymnast Sabrina Segar (left) watch Bachenberg’s performance. (Photo by Charlie Sorrells)

FAIRMONT — An ice cream-inspired performance.

Sabrina Segar, Anna Bachenberg and Hailee Schuett produced a respective 1-2-3 sweep in the all-around competition to power the Martin County Area Magic gymnasts to a season-high team total against the St. James Area Saints on Thursday night.

Segar and Bachenberg also generated season-best individual scores — 36.5 and 35.225 points, respectively — to engineer Martin County Area’s 136.525-99.15 Big South Conference dual-meet triumph over St. James Area at the Live Fit Sport & Wellness Center in Fairmont.

“Coach told us that if we scored a season-high as a team tonight, she’d buy us ice cream,” Segar said in reference to Magic mentor Beraiah Peterson’s pre-meet challenge. Peterson missed the meet due to having parent-teacher conferences on Thursday night.

“We made it happen tonight,” said Segar, who eclipsed her previous season-best all-around total of 35.875 established during the Magic’s season-opener against New Ulm on Feb. 9. MCA also recorded its prior best scoring clip of the pandemic-reduced schedule via a 135.6-point performance against the Eagles at the Live Fit workout facility.

Segar and Bachenberg, who shattered her previous-best all-around total of 33.95, packed a lethal 1-2 offensive punch on all four pieces of equipment to pace the Magic’s top-four individual sweep.

Segar and Bachenberg rotated and planted back-to-back Tsukaharas out of the final two spots in MCA’s vault lineup to net first (9.5) and second (9.4) places, respectively.

Hannah Linse threw a handspring-full vault to capture third place for the Magic at 8.825, while Ellie Schultze and Schuett each connected on quarter-and-one-and-a-quarter vaults to claim fourth (8.8) and fifth (8.6), respectively.

Segar then spun a straight-legged giant on the upper bar to help pace her winning mark of 8.8 on the unevens, while Bachenberg produced a runner-up total of 7.8. Ellie Hernes, Schuett and Anna Utermarck produced third- through fifth-place numbers of 7.3, 7.25 and 7.2 on the judges’ scorecards to complete the event sweep for MCA.

Segar then squeezed by Bachenberg for top honors on the balance beam, 8.8-8.725, respectively, to pace the purple-and-white’s dominant point production on the 4-inch-wide apparatus. Schuett, who netted third in the all-around with a total of 32.5, generated a 7.7 score to nail down third on the beam, while Utermarck (7.475) and Schultze (6.9) followed suit in the scoring column.

Segar completed her all-around sweep by earning first-place accolades on the floor exercise with a 9.4 to edge Bachenberg, who garnered second place at 9.3. Schuett neared the 9-point plateau with a third-place 8.95, while Abi Chavez (8.5) and Utermarck (8.35) rounded out the Magic’s performance during the final team rotation.

Martin County Area (4-1) travels to the Mankato Area Gymnastics School on Saturday for a 2:30 p.m. dual meet against St. Peter.

Varsity Results

MCA 136.525; SJA 99.15

All-Around: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 36.5; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 35.225; 3. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 32.5; 4. Anna Bogle (SJA) 27.175.

Vault: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.5; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 9.4; 3. Hannah Linse (MCA) 8.825; 4. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 8.8. Other MCA score: Hailee Schuett 8.6.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 8.8; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 7.8; 3. Ellie Hernes (MCA) 7.3; 4. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 7.25. Other MCA score: Anna Utermarck 7.2.

Balance Beam: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 8.8; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.725; 3. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 7.7; 4. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 7.475. Other MCA score: Ellie Schultze 6.9.

Floor Exercise: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.4; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 9.3; 3. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 8.95; 4. Abi Chavez (MCA) 8.5. Other MCA score: Anna Utermarck 8.35.

Junior Varsity Results

Martin Co. Area 121.75;

St. James Area 65.75

All-Around: 1. Emily Hagen (MCA) 29.8; 2. Ava Thate (MCA) 29.1; 3. Kate Hagen (MCA) 26.4.

Vault: 1. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 8.7; 2. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 8.65; 3. Abi Chavez (MCA) 8.4; 4. Ava Thate (MCA) 8.3.

Other MCA scores: Emily Hagen 8.2; Kate Hagen 8.2; Nola Thedens 8.0; Theadocia Peterson 7.6.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 7.2; 2. Abi Chavez (MCA) 6.8; 3. Ava Thate (MCA) 6.75; 4. Emily Hagen (MCA) 6.6.

Other MCA scores: Samantha Domeier 4.6; Kate Hagen 4.4.

Balance Beam: 1. Ellie Hernes (MCA) 7.95; 2. Emily Hagen (MCA) 7.0; 3. Abi Chavez (MCA) 6.9; 4. Nola Thedens (MCA) 6.3.

Other MCA scores: Ava Thate 6.2; Samantha Domeier 6.2; Kate Hagen 5.9.

Floor Exercise: 1. Ellie Hernes (MCA) 8.4; 2. Emily Hagen (MCA) 8.0; 3. (tie) Ava Thate (MCA) and Kate Hagen (MCA) 7.9s; 4. Nola Thedens (MCA) 7.6.

Other MCA scores: Samantha Domeier 7.2; Ellie Plumhoff 4.4.


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