Magic gymnasts 3rd, Trojans 1st at Big South Conference Meet

IN TRANSITION — Martin County Area Magic gymnast Hudson Ringnell grabs the high bar after making a smooth transition from the low bar during Saturday’s Big South Conference Meet in Worthington. MCA teammates Anna Bachenberg (lower left) and Hailee Schuett use the chalk box. (Photo by Charlie Sorrells)

WORTHINGTON — A year later, and nearly identical team and individual results.

Martin County Area’s Sabrina Segar, New Ulm Area’s Kayla Goblirsch and Worthington’s tandem of Gracia Elias and Hali Bullerman returned to the top of the medals stand individually at Saturday’s Big South Conference final four gymnastics showdown in Worthington.

Elias and Bullerman — who placed second and third in the all-around competition, respectively — also powered the hometown Trojans past all-around gold medalist Goblirsch and the Eagles for first-place team honors, 144.675-137.45, for a second consecutive season.

Segar, who defended her gold medal on the floor exercise en route to a fourth-place all-around showing, propelled the Magic to a narrow margin — 133.95-133.2 — on Saturday to flip-flop third and fourth places with the Jackson County Central Huskies from the 2018-19 campaign.

“This is our fifth (conference) team championship in a row,” said Worthington head coach Joni Reitmeier. “I’d say each one feels a little bit better than the one before because you know how difficult it is to repeat and how much hard work it takes.

“This group has been together so long, they’re united in their support of one another and the team aspect of the sport.”

Elias, a junior, generated 36.325 points to finish nearly one full point behind Goblirsch’s winning total of 37.3 in the overall individual competition, while Bullerman — an eighth-grade phenom — edged Segar for the bronze medal in the all-around, 36.15-36.075.

From a team perspective, MCA displayed its skilled depth Saturday as Segar & Co. were able to eclipse rival JCC despite having another high-scoring all-arounder — Anna Bachenberg — limited to only one event due to illness on Saturday.

“Anna wasn’t feeling well before the meet, but she gave it a shot on the (uneven parallel) bars and started feeling sick again, so we kept her out of the other events,” said Magic head coach Beraiah Peterson.

Hailee Schuett contributed an all-around total of 32.35 points to MCA’s third-place team score, while Ellie Hernes made her varsity all-around debut and delivered a solid 31.45 score.

Segar highlighted her fourth-place all-around mark by executing a one-and-a-half twisting full on her initial tumbling pass before hitting a handspring front full during her middle run to earn a first-place score of 9.475 on the floor exercise. Segar won the BSC gold medal on the event last season with a 9.5.

Segar also turned and landed a Tsukahara to top the Magic’s rotation on the vault (9.275), spun a pair of giants on the high bar to net an 8.525 on the unevens and planted a standing back tuck for an 8.8 on the beam.

Schuett produced her best score of 8.825 on the floor exercise, while Hernes generated her top total of 8.675 on the vault for the Magic.

From a team perspective, Worthington demonstrated its talented depth as Mekyla Nystrom, Abby Bristow and Presley Eggers each contributed top-four individual scores to complement the potent point production of Elias and Bullerman.

Bullerman defended her unevens crown by spinning two tight-legged giants en route to an 8.825 to fend off Goblirsch’s runner-up score of 8.8. Goblirsch also rotated giants and hit a double-back dismount. Elias (8.775) and Nystrom (8.625) netted third and fourth on the apparatus, respectively.

Goblirsch, however, turned the tables on Elias on the beam from a year ago. The New Ulm Area sophomore sensation stuck a pair of aerials on the 4-inch-wide piece of equipment to highlight her gold-medal score of 9.55.

Elias, who won the BSC beam last February with a 9.35, placed second on Saturday with a 9.05, while Bristow (8.975) and Bullerman (8.85) nailed down third and fourth, respectively, for Worthington.

Goblirsch single-handedly fended off the Trojans’ trio of Nystrom, Elias and Bullerman for top honors on the vault. Goblirsch struck gold by sticking a pike Yurchenko for a winning 9.575, while Nystrom netted runner-up accolades at 9.45. Elias and Bullerman battled it out for the bronze, with Elias edging Bullerman, 9.35-9.325.

Segar’s 9.475-scored performance on the floor withstood the challenges of Nystrom, Goblirsch and Eggers. Nystrom placed second (9.4), Goblirsch took third (9.375) and Eggers finished fourth (9.325).

“Now we’ve got a week to get prepared for the section meet back here,” said Peterson.

Martin County Area, Worthington and Jackson County Central return to Worthington on Saturday for the Section 3A Meet starting at noon. New Ulm Area travels to Glencoe on Thursday for the Section 2A Meet.

2020 Big South Conference

Gymnastics Final Four

At Worthington

Team Standings: 1. Worthington 144.675; 2. New Ulm Area 137.45; 3. Martin County Area 133.95; 4. Jackson County Central 133.2.

Individual Results (Top 4)

All-Around: 1. Kayla Goblirsch (NUA) 37.3; 2. Gracia Elias (WOR) 36.325; 3. Hali Bullerman (WOR) 36.15; 4. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 36.075.

Other MCA scores: Hailee Schuett 32.35; Ellie Hernes 31.45.

Floor Exercise: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.475; 2. Mekyla Nystrom (WOR) 9.4; 3. Kayla Goblirsch (NUA) 9.375; 4. Presley Eggers (WOR) 9.325.

Other MCA scores: Hailee Schuett 8.825; Abi Chavez 8.7; Emma Schultze 8.425; Ellie Hernes 7.9.

Vault: 1. Kayla Goblirsch (NUA) 9.575; 2. Mekyla Nystrom (WOR) 9.45; 3. Gracia Elias (WOR) 9.35; 4. Hali Bullerman (WOR) 9.325.

MCA scores: Sabrina Segar 9.275; Emma Schultze 8.825; Hannah Linse 8.7; Ellie Hernes 8.675; Hailee Schuett 8.6.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Hali Bullerman (WOR) 8.825; 2. Kayla Goblirsch (NUA) 8.8; 3. Gracia Elias (WOR) 8.775; 4. Mekyla Nystrom (WOR) 8.625.

MCA scores: Sabrina Segar 8.525; Hailee Schuett 7.6; Hudson Ringnell 7.325; Ellie Hernes 7.0; Anna Bachenberg 7.0.

Balance Beam: 1. Kayla Goblirsch (NUA) 9.55; 2. Gracia Elias (WOR) 9.05; 3. Abby Bristow (WOR) 8.975; 4. Hali Bullerman (WOR) 8.85.

MCA scores: Sabrina Segar 8.8; Ellie Schultze 8.025; Emma Schultze 7.9; Ellie Hernes 7.875; Hailee Schuett 7.325.


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