MCA gymnasts floor JCC in Big South dual meet

SWINGING — Martin County Area gymnast Hailee Schuett swings on the low bar during her routine against Jackson County Central on Thursday night in Welcome. Schuett and the Magic went on to post a 133.25-130.2 Big South Conference dual-meet win over the visiting Huskies. (Photo by Greg Abel)

WELCOME — The Martin County Area Magic literally floored a second consecutive Big South Conference gymnastics rival during a three-day span.

Anna Bachenberg and Sabrina Segar packed a 1-2 scoring punch in the all-around competition, respectively, to power Martin County Area to a 133.25-130.2 dual-meet league victory over the Jackson County Central Huskies on Thursday night in Welcome.

“We were still a little tired from our season-opening meet on Tuesday, but I think the girls still were focused on the task at hand and had fun at the same time,” said MCA head coach Beraiah Peterson, whose lineup defeated Windom Area, 134.3-118.3, only two nights earlier.

Unfortunately, from a scheduling perspective, the Magic (2-0) face a two-week hiatus before playing host to Blue Earth Area on Thursday, Dec. 19, in Welcome.

“We’ll use the time in between meets to focus on cleaning up our routines, especially our jumps and connections,” said Peterson. “Hopefully, we’ve got the first-meet jitters out of the way now.”

Bachenberg captured her second straight all-around crown of the season by edging Segar, 34.725-34.575, in the Big South dual’s overall individual scoring battle.

Bachenberg earned first-place finishes on the uneven parallel bars (8.1) and balance beam (9.1) to highlight her winning ways. Bachenberg executed connecting back uprises on the high bar to highlight her chalk-flying routine, while demonstrating steady footing on the beam during a pair of back walkovers and a back handspring.

The MCA freshman phenom also placed second to Segar on the vault — 9.075-9.05, while sharing fourth place on the floor exercise with Magic teammate Anna Utermarck with a pair of 8.475s.

Segar stuck the landing on her Tsukahara to strike gold on the vault, while producing the meet’s top individual total of 9.2 en route to winning the floor crown. The Magic junior standout executed a hand-front full to highlight her floor score. Segar also netted third place on the unevens (7.7) and beam (8.6).

“I thought our floors were improved from two days ago,” said Peterson. “We did a better job dancing, and our tumbling looked stronger.

“On vault, it felt like we were attacking the approach and going after it.”

Hailee Schuett, who garnered fifth in the all-around competition with 32.05 points, rounded out MCA’s top-four showings by claiming the fourth spot on the uneven bars with a 7.55-scored performance.

Haley Tvinnereim and Payten Benda pocketed third (32.875) and fourth (32.775), respectively, in the all-around for the Huskies.

Tvinnereim placed second on the beam (8.825) behind Bachenberg, while netting third on the vault (8.65) to pace her team-best total.

Benda generated runner-up honors (8.575) to Segar on the floor and claimed fourth on the beam (8.25) to highlight her high-scoring effort.

Jackson County Central (1-1) plays host to Windom Area next Thursday in Jackson.

Varsity Meet

MCA 133.25; JCC 130.2

All-Around: 1. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 34.725; 2. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 34.575; 3. Haley Tvinnereim (JCC) 32.875; 4. Payten Benda (JCC) 32.775; 5. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 32.05.

Vault: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.075; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 9.05; 3. Haley Tvinnereim (JCC) 8.65; 4. Jordann Schneekloth (JCC) 8.625.

Other MCA scores: Anna Utermarck 8.6; Emma Schultze 8.6; Hailee Schuett 8.375.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.1; 2. Emma Dibrito (JCC) 7.725; 3. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 7.7; 4. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 7.55.

Other MCA scores: Ellie Hernes 6.7; Emma Schultze 6.425.

Balance Beam: 1. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 9.1; 2. Haley Tvinnereim (JCC) 8.825; 3. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 8.6; 4. Payten Benda (JCC) 8.25.

Other MCA scores: Anna Utermarck 7.9; Hailee Schuett 7.8; Ellie Hernes 7.0.

Floor Exercise: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.2; 2. Payten Benda (JCC) 8.575; 3. Olivia Blaskey (JCC) 8.55; 4. (tie) Anna Bachenberg (MCA) and Anna Utermarck (MCA) 8.475s.

Other MCA scores: Hailee Schuett 8.325; Emma Schultze 8.0.

Junior Varsity Meet

JCC 122.85; MCA 122.55

All-Around: 1. Abi Chavez (MCA) 29.85; 2. Alexis O’Reilly (JCC) 29.75; 3. Hannah Carson (JCC) 29.7; 4. Emily Hagen (MCA) 27.8.

Vault: 1. Daysia Tomlin (JCC) 8.5; 2. (tie) Alexis O’Reilly (JCC), Olivia Blaskey (JCC) and Ellie Hernes (MCA) 8.4s; 3. (tie) Abi Chavez (MCA) and Mia Hendrickson (JCC) 8.35s; 4. (tie) Ella Meyers (MCA) and Romi Rosenbrook (JCC) 8.3s.

Other MCA scores: Emily Hagen 8.2; Adeline Lenway 8.2; Sady Ringnell 8.05; Ava Thate 8.0; Marah Steele 7.9.

Unevens: 1. Olivia Blaskey (JCC) 7.25; 2. (tie) Hudson Ringnell (MCA) and Makayla Hotzler (JCC) 7.2s; 3. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 7.1; 4. Hannah Carson (JCC) 7.0.

Other MCA scores: Ava Thate 6.5; Abi Chavez 6.15; Kara Osmundson 5.9; Adeline Lenway 5.6; Emily Hagen 5.1; Samantha Domeier 4.2.

Beam: 1. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 8.5; 2. Hudson Ringnell (MCA) 7.9; 3. Alexis O’Reilly (JCC) 7.6; 4. (tie) Emma Schultze (MCA) and Romi Rosenbrook (JCC) 7.5s.

Other MCA scores: Marah Steele 7.0; Abi Chavez 6.95; Emily Hagen 6.75; Hannah Fischer 5.9; Kaitlyn Freese 5.1.

Floor: 1. Abi Chavez (MCA) 8.4; 2. Daysia Tomlin (JCC) 8.35; 3. Maia Reed (JCC) 8.05; 4. Hannah Carson (JCC) 8.0.

Other MCA scores: Emily Hagen 7.75; Sady Ringnell 7.7; Hudson Ringnell 7.6; Ava Thate 7.25; Adeline Lenway 7.2; Ellie Hernes 7.05; Kara Osmundson 6.45.