Fairmont Area places 9th at state clay target meet

STATE SHOOTERS — Members of Fairmont Area’s clay target team, from left, Colby Grotte, Jacob Bocock, Max Seifried, Tucker Bahr, Cass Davis and Jackson Francis, pose with the Minnesota State High School League banner at the Minneapolis Gun Club in Prior Lake on Friday after capturing ninth place out of a 40-team competitive field. Bocock also placed fourth in the state individual competition Friday by shooting his second straight round of 99. (Photo courtesy of Todd Segar)

PRIOR LAKE — Back-to-back 100-target rounds of 99.

Not a bad day’s work of double-duty shooting by Fairmont Area’s Jacob Bocock during both the team portion and individual competition of the Minnesota State High School League’s clay target state meet Friday at the Minneapolis Gun Club.

The eagle-eyed Bocock’s initial score of 99 topped Fairmont Area’s five-shooter total of 475 to capture ninth-place honors out of the 40-team state field during Friday morning’s opening session in Prior Lake.

New Prague won the state team championship by posting a score of 484 out of 500 to squeeze by runner-up Alexandria, third-place Lakeville South and fourth-place Hopkins by two targets apiece. Alexandria garnered second place via the sport’s tiebreaking method of a reverse run.

“I think everyone on the team was pretty happy with a 475 today,” said Bocock, who opened the team event by busting 24 of his first 25 clays before reeling off a 75-Straight Club run. “Most of us shot our (seasonal) averages, so it was a good day.”

Max Seifried, like Bocock, earned a spot on the state meet’s 50-Straight Club by opening his first round without a miss. The sharpshooting Seifried closed with a 23-24-47 to net a 97 to grab second place on Fairmont Area behind Bocock.

Colby Grotte, Cass Davis and Tucker Bahr each assembled a string of 25 consecutive broken clays to highlight their team totals of 95, 94 and 90, respectively, for Fairmont Area.

Grotte opened with a 24-25-49 before closing with a 22-24-46, Davis connected for a 24-25-49 during the opening session before pocketing a 23-22-45, while Bahr posted a 21-25-46 and a 23-21-44 to complete the marks.

“All five of us had a 25 during the second box, and in all my years of trapshooting at the high school level, I’ve never been on a team to accomplish that,” said Bocock, a five-year varsity veteran.

Ironically, Fairmont Area placed in the exact same spot in the state team standings — ninth — that it did during Tuesday’s qualifier competition in Alexandria, only with eight broken targets fewer.

“We came up the day before the state meet and shot practice rounds to prepare for (Friday) and I think that helped,” said Bocock, the 9A conference’s No. 1 shooter during the five-week regular season. “I was a little nervous starting out, but the way I was breaking targets put me into a groove. After that, I just sounded out everything else.”

After a 45-minute break, Bocock — along with Bahr, Grotte and Seifried — refocused their aims on the next 100 clay targets during the individual portion of the state meet at the Minneapolis Gun Club.

For the second consecutive time Friday, Bocock caught his second wind and delivered another incredible 99 via another 24-25-25-25 scoresheet. Bocock’s reverse run of 75 proved vital in capturing a fourth-place state medal overall in the midst of a 13-way logjam for runner-up accolades with just one miss.

Woodrow Glazer, who guided New Prague to the state team crown earlier in the day, proved a perfect 100 of 100 to earn the individual gold medal in the afternoon in Prior Lake.

Blake’s Blake Schibonski netted a reverse run of 78 to claim second place overall, Wheaton’s Rubin Lyngaas pocketed third with a reverse run of 77, while Bocock’s string of 75 in a row bested Northfield’s Sam Miller (66) for fourth overall.

“There’s just no margin for any miss at the state meet and that can be very stressful,” Fairmont Area head coach Todd Segar said on the heels of Tuesday’s qualifying meet.

Segar’s words rang true as a Bocock shot as Bahr finished in a six-way tie for 15th place individually, Grotte battled to an eight-way deadlock for 21st, while Seifried ended in a three-way tie for 93rd overall.

Bahr produced a 24-25-49 before reversing his next 50 — 25-24 — to close the season with an impressive individual total of 98 for Fairmont Area.

Grotte displayed his marksmanship by generating a perfect first 50 targets before closing with a 23-24-47 en route to a stellar 97.

Seifried capped Fairmont Area’s individual state qualifiers by penciling in a 24-21-45 before closing with a 20-22-42 for a combined total of 87.

MSHSL Clay Target

State Tournament

@ Minneapolis

Gun Club

in Prior Lake

Team Standings (Top 10 of 40 // 500 targets): 1. New Prague 484; 2. (by reverse run) Alexandria 482; 3. (by reverse run) Lakeville South 482; 4. Hopkins 482; 5. Wayzata 480; 6. Tri-City United 479; 7. Marshall 478; 8. Blaine 476; 9. Fairmont Area 475; 10. Roseau 474.

Fairmont Scoring (475)

• Jacob Bocock: 24-25-49 & 25-25-50 — 99.

• Max Seifried: 25-25-50 & 23-24-47 — 97.

• Colby Grotte: 24-25-49 & 22-24-46 — 95.

• Cass Davis: 24-25-49 & 23-22-45 — 94.

• Tucker Bahr: 21-25-46 & 23-21-44 — 90.

Individual Results

(102 shooters)

(Some ties broken by reverse runs): 1. Woodrow Glazer (New Prague) 100; 2. Blake Schibonski (Blake) 99 (78 rr); 3. Rubin Lyngaas (Wheaton) 99 (77 rr); 4. Jacob Bocock (Fairmont Area) 99 (75 rr); 5. Sam Miller (Northfield) 99 (66 rr); 6. (tie) Owen Novacek (Badger-Greenbush-Middle River) and Hunter Wilts (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) 99s (54 rrs); 8. Owen Moser (Roseau) 99 (52 rr); 9. (tie) Anden Stroik (Hermantown), Jack Knaus (Kimball), Peter Jensen (Hibbing), Beau Keagle (Roseau), Zack Ciurleo (Proctor) and Fletcher DeRosier (Brainerd) 99s (40 rrs).

Fairmont Shooters

• Jacob Bocock: 24-25-49 & 25-25-50 — 99. (4th overall)

• Tucker Bahr: 24-25-49 & 25-24-49 — 98. (6-way tie for 15th)

• Colby Grotte: 25-25-50 & 23-24-47 — 97. (8-way tie for 21st)

• Max Seifried: 24-21-45 & 20-22-42 — 87. (3-way tie for 93rd)