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Non-profit gifts quilts to veterans

Fairmont resident, Linda Maday, has created a new non-profit, South Central Minnesota Quilts for Veterans, which will give a quilt to each one of Martin County’s 1,200 veterans. What a great goal and a great way to honor our veterans. Thank you to Linda and all involved in this project.

Roof repairs limit operations at FOH

The Fairmont Opera House, the oldest operating theater in the state and an iconic landmark of Fairmont, needs extensive repairs done to its roof and will thus be operating on a limited basis for the foreseeable future. This is unfortunate but not surprising in a building as old as this. Please consider donating to the Opera House so that we can preserve its history and continue to have a place that offers arts and culture.

County reviews K9 fundraising policy

This week the Martin County Commissioners spoke to the Sheriff’s Office about some fundraising it did for the new K9 unit at the Martin County Fair. Turns out fundraising for something like that isn’t allowed under state statute. It was a good idea and a great thing that the community wanted to help, but the idea should have gone to the board first and maybe this could have been avoided.

Bonding tour stops in Fairmont

The Capital Investment Committee came to Fairmont on Thursday to hear about the city of Fairmont’s request for funds to help with a community center. While all parties involved were there, the presentation given lacked unity and was missing some crucial information. However it sounds like there is still time for information to be gathered before a decision on the bonding bill is made.


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