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Council OKs engineering services

Thank you to long-time City Enginer, Troy Nemmers, who recently ended his employment with the city of Fairmont. Troy did a lot of good work in our city and had a hand in many projects over the last 14 years. He also stepped up and helped us through some tough times. We’ll miss having him part of the city but wish him the best in his next role.

In Fairmont, council certifies election results

The Fairmont City Council canvassed the results from the recent general election this week. At that time it was shared that an impressive 67 percent of the community showed up to vote. What a great turn out. It’s great to see that many residents exercise their right to vote.

Position focuses on digital literacy

Lead for Minnesota Fellow, Celia Simpson, is offering some digital literacy classes for seniors in Martin County. What a great idea to help older people become more comfortable and knowledgeable when using their devices. We hope people continue to take adv


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