Et. Cetera

Crop potential

Brady Ekstrom’s industrial hemp crop is reaching to great heights. It’s great to see new people taking advantage of Martin County’s rich farmland. What a great entrepreneurial endeavor.

Rental ordinance

This week the Fairmont City Council looked at the rental housing ordinance. Several landlords turned up to voice concerns over the proposed changes. We think it’s wise for the contract for deed to be added, but does the whole ordinance need to be redone? We’re glad a work session will take place next week.

Council requests review

The Fairmont City Council approved for a performance review of the city administrator to take place this week. Mayor Deb Foster pointed out that the last time this happened with former city administrator, Mike Humpal, certain policies were put into place so that procedures are followed. If we were to fire another city administrator, who will want to come work here? Let the city administrator do her job.

Tackle Cancer

We’re pleased to see Fairmont Area Schools is participating in Tackle Cancer again this year. So many people are affected by cancer and this year, two Fairmont High School students are battling it. We hope the community supports the cause this year.


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