Et. Cetera

City-wide clean-up

Thank you to the work of the city and those at Prairieland for continuing to partner together to put on several city-wide clean-ups each year. Items that need to be disposed of can be brought to the Martin County Highway Department at 1200 Marcus Street today from 9 a.m. to noon.

Dredging Dutch Creek

On the topic of dredging Dutch Creek, we agree with several council members that it’s best to follow the direction of the DNR. If money doesn’t need to be spent on the project, it shouldn’t be thrown away. But on the other hand, what’s the harm in taking a core sample. Now might be the time to take some action.

FHS band alumni

FHS band alumni is being asked to partake in playing the school song at the homecoming game. What a great idea! Coming out of Covid, and at a time where a lot of division is taking place, it will be great to see so many people gather to not only support the school, but come together as a community.

STEP, Inc.

We want to join STEP in thanking direct support professionals for all of the important work that they do. As Executive Director Sue Eisenmenger said, they work as coaches, teachers and counselors and they should be acknowledged for doing all of these jobs well.


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