Et Cetera

High school ag teacher

We’re happy to welcome Fairmont High School’s new ag teacher, Cassandra Brown to the community. It’s great to hear more students are interested in learning about agriculture and that the school sees the importance in expanding the program.

Walk for Animals

It’s great to see the Martin County Humane Society is putting on its annual Walk for Animals event on Sunday, Sept. 12. This year the event is expanding with a family carnival taking place after the walk. We hope the fundraising event has a good turnout.

Young learners grow

This year Fairmont Elementary School has larger preschool and kindergarten classes than past years due to the Voluntary Prekindergarten funding. The VPK program builds a solid base for students before they enter kindergarten. Kudos to the community for pushing the importance of early childhood education. We also want to extend a shout-out to the school for continuing to go after the VPK funding.

Community center board meets

This week the Community Center Advisory Board met and set the expected project cost at $30 million. They also talked about the timeline for the project. It’s great to hear the Community Center is moving forward into the planning stages. It’s time for Fairmont and area residents to consider giving in order to reach the fundraising goal.


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