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Truman Healthcare

The Truman City Council heard from Jeff Mengenhausen, CEO of Madelia Health, at their recent meeting. Mengenhausen expressed interest in renting the facility attached to Truman Senior Living and provide primary healthcare five days a week.

When it comes to rural communities, having access to a consistent healthcare provider seems like a good move. This is especially true if more people are already heading to Madelia anyway, as Mengenhausen stated. By comparison, the Mayo mobile unit would only be able to come on an intermittent basis.

We think the council made a good decision in waiting to make a decision while they consider their options with both Madelia Health and the Mayo mobile unit offers.

Justice Center

We were glad to see Martin County Commissioners choose to continue pursuing a bond request with the State. The proposed justice center is a necessity as the current law enforcement center continues to age.

The attorney representing the request seems to be worth his salt, continually updating the board and pressing the issue every chance he gets. Along with help from Senator Julie Rosen and Representative Bjorn Olson, we hope the request gets some fair consideration by Minnesota lawmakers in their next session.

Andy Traetow

While there was some disappointment that Joe Brown would be stepping away from the Superintendent role for Fairmont Area Schools, it was great to hear that Andy Traetow will be filling the position in August.

Traetow has proven himself time and again in the district, and is already showing great leadership by working with Michelle Rosen to fill his former position. We look forward to Traetow’s time in the role and are glad the Fairmont school board chose him.


Kudos to the Fairmont High School graduates who have returned home to help teach summer school classes. They are not only gaining valuable experience but providing help in an important area. Their decision shows appreciation for their own education and those who invested in them.

Now they are investing in the next generation. Perhaps this will inspire current students to consider similar activities in the future.


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