Et Cetera

Community Center

It was good to finally see some resolution on the Fairmont Community Center this week. Committee member Amy Long put it best when she noted that the committee was not looking for a revote and was “asking the council to acknowledge the due diligence and the work the committee has done upon request from the council.” People want this community center, and it’s about time we had one.

Disaster Simulation

Lance Ross, owner of the Emergency Preparedness Resource Group, recently put together a Table-Top Incident Command Disaster Simulation training program in the Welcome Legion. Fire department officers and a police officer were present for the event, and we’re glad our emergency workers are always looking for ways to learn and prepare. This serves us all, and we’re grateful.

Planning Commission

The Fairmont Planning Commission made a good decision in giving Car Parts Direct a chance to keep the business going with an amended conditional use permit allowing for more vehicles on the property. Now the business needs to follow through and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the commission.


Fairmont’s mini-golf course has added nine new holes, and that’s great. An expanded course will provide people with a prolonged entertainment experience, whether they’re out with family or friends. Kudos to the Kids Just Want to Have Fun committee for getting this done. We look forward to seeing future projects.


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