Keystone canceled; is Enbridge next?

Those protestors who are trying to stop the Enbridge Energy Pipeline 3 replacement may be taking some reassurance from the cancellation, once and for all, of the Keystone XL project.

The sponsor of the Keystone XL project, which would have built a pipeline to carry crude oil from the oil sands of western Canada to Nebraska, have decided to pull the plug on the project. President Joe Biden had cancelled the permit for the project after taking office, heeding the calls of conservationists that it posed dangers to the environment and would promote the burning of more fossil fuels. Thousands of jobs in the U.S. were lost when the project was cancelled.

TC Energy, a Calgary-based energy company, has given up on efforts to persuade Biden to change his mind, and is shutting it down.

The protestors who are blockading the Enbridge pipeline project, which would replace an aging oil pipeline across northern Minnesota to Superior, Wis. This is a different kind of project from the Keystone pipeline. This pipeline has been there since the 1960s. As it deteriorates it poses a greater threat of a devastating breakdown and oil spill. Replacing the line is the safest, most efficient way to move the oil across the state.

Protestors may be hoping that by delaying the Enbridge project, they can bring Biden to oppose it as well.

We don’t think America is ready yet to be weaned from fossil fuels. The Enbridge project will allow for safer transportation across the state and should be allowed to continue.


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