Et Cetera

SMIF Grants

Fairmont Early Childhood Initiative and Fairmont Community Education and Recreation recently received a $20,000 grant to be used for summer learning support from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. This is excellent news. It’s a good effort and we know people will be able to take advantage of the valuable tools provided for the community.

Aquatic Park

The Fairmont Aquatic Park is open and that’s a sure sign that summer’s here. There will be several classes offered, along with at least two known events hosted by the Fairmont Women of Today and Fairmont’s Early Childhood Initiative and Fairmont Community Education and Recreation. We agree with Betsy Steuber that it’s great to hear kids getting excited about coming to the pool and we know everybody will enjoy a chance to cool off during hot summer days.


Speaking of summer activities, Interlaken Heritage Days is coming up and the Fairmont Triathlon will be following close behind. It’s great to see festivals and entertainment coming up for Fairmont, and as long as people play it safe it seems 2021 will see life resume as normal.

Fairmont Theatre

It’s good to hear that COVID-19 did not kill off the Fairmont Theatre. We know there has been a lot of speculation and that makes sense. Going to the movies is a great pastime, and it would have been a shame to lose something local.

We’re glad owner Todd Frager is looking at opening up in the short term and even happier to hear that he’s planning on refurbishing over the long term. We can almost smell the popcorn now.


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