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Fairmont area students

At their most recent meeting, the Fairmont School Board discussed the failure rate of students. Board member Mike Edman said that the fail rate or about to fail rate was around 30 percent. He further stated that did not meet his expectations, and we agree.

The Governor is responsible for shutting things down totally. In-person learning is the way to go, and those opting out of that aren’t being held accountable. Overall, the fact is that parents and students are more responsible than teachers or the administration.


The Fairmont City Council recently disapproved a letter of intent regarding the Day Farm property, received from Carlson Walters Group, LLC regarding the purchase of 55 acres of the Day Far for $1. The 55 acres would be used to develop a campground.

According to Economic Development Coordinator Linsey Preuss, the letter was disapproved due to a variety of factors. This was the right move for the city to make.

Phone scams

According to Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart, phone scams are making their way around the county again. We support the Sheriff’s message to simply hang up if people start talking about money. No “prize” is coming, no one will be arrested, and grandchildren are not likely to go on vacation and wind up in an accident that only money can fix.

The reason these scams keep working is because people keep falling for them. If you are really unsure, hang up and call the Sheriff’s Office. Be aware that scammers can manipulate caller ID’s and look up the names of family members to impersonate. If you have an elderly relative, talk to them and let them know that you would never ask for financial help over the phone.


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