Et Cetera

Art Scholarship

A new scholarship available through the Martin County Preservation Association (MCPA) is looking to help students further their education in the visual and performing arts. This is a great idea and a good investment.

We agree with the MCPA that it is not enough to preserve the past, we must also invest in the future. Art is not only an expression of the individual artist but a window into society as a whole. Everyone benefits when their fellow human beings find ways to preserve culture, history and create new works to be enjoyed. Allowing students in Martin County an opportunity to contribute to that is a good move.

Senior Place

We’re glad to see senior citizens given a new place to congregate in Fairmont. Too often older generations get left behind in the name of progress. Fortunately, the SMEC building provides a wonderful opportunity for the future, with the new Senior Place across from the new CER offices. This will allow for additional CER programs to further engage seniors in the community.

Seniors need to be able to socialize and participate in activities suited for them just as much as young people. The Senior Place will allow for just that.

Gas for Grads

Kudos to the Fairmont Women of Today for coming up with their new Gas for Grads award. What a great way to help our young people and promote a local business. We’re especially glad to see that the five $100 Poppe’s gas cards will not be limited to those students on a specific education/career track. While having set goals is commendable, we must remember that current graduates have been through a lot with the current pandemic, and may need to take some time to figure things out.

The awards are also a way to award those with a generous mindset. There are many kids who do a lot for their communities and are unfortunately overlooked. This affords us all an opportunity to appreciate those who may otherwise fall through the cracks.

Tour of Honor

It’s good to see the Martin County Veterans Memorial (MCVM) committee continue to be creative in finding ways to honor our veterans. The Memorial itself is a grand sight, and with additional work to be done soon, it will no doubt be an important landmark for the entire county.

The Tour of Honor is a national summer-long motorcycle event that allows participants a chance to see the country and honor veterans from all 50 states. The MCVM is also to be commended for working to help direct riders to visit area businesses that are hurting because of the pandemic. What a great way to honor veterans, help area businesses, and promote Fairmont and Martin County.


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