No one’s stopping them from moving

Rep. Jeremy Munson, R-Lake Crystal, has introduced a bill in the Minnesota Legislature that would allow some western Minnesota counties to secede from Minnesota and join up with South Dakota.

Well, isn’t that special?

We’re not sure what those counties would gain from joining South Dakota. There are tax breaks, to be sure. South Dakota doesn’t levy personal income tax, its sales taxes are a point lower than Minnesota’s, though property tax rates are higher than Minnesota’s according to the Tax Foundation.

South Dakota doesn’t require you to wear a face mask, it didn’t issue stay-at-home orders or shut down businesses. It’s death rate hit a global high in November, however.

There may be people who find that appealing.

If so, if people want to be South Dakotans, there’s no one stopping them from achieving that dream. All they have to do is pack up, drive over there, find a place to live, and, “Bingo!” We’d still let them come over and visit whenever they wanted.

We doubt there is much chance of Munson’s bill becoming law, or of any counties willing to go through the congressional and constitutional hurdles that would entail.

This is just some mid-session silliness that comes when legislators with little to do wait for the big bills to come at the end of the session.


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