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Congratulations to Joseph Riemann for putting in the work to bring a new business to Fairmont. Drawn to our community by its natural beauty and sense of safety, Riemann’s decision to relocate to Fairmont should be a source of pride for all of us.

It’s also great that he and his family want to contribute and bring in something new. Riemann utilized local resources for funding and has wasted no time in getting to know members of the community. While he still has some work ahead, we’re excited to see what he and people like him can accomplish in our little slice of Minnesota.

FHS College Classes

It’s awesome to see the number of classes available to our students. Kudos to our teachers for doing what they need to do in order to teach a college course. The cost savings to students and students’ families is also a commendable thing, and we’re glad to hear additional classes will be made available in the future.

Public Works Facility

We’re glad the Fairmont City Council was finally able to come to a decision and move forward with a new public works building. As we’ve said before, a new facility was by far the best option. While we understand hesitancy when it comes to big spending, this is exactly what our taxes are meant for. A new facility will serve Fairmont well, both now and in the future.

Area Lakes, Pollution

We’re thankful for a good reminder this week from Fairmont’s Director of Public Works and City Engineer Troy Nemmers. Nemmers spoke about the importance of keeping pollution down for one of Fairmont’s most important resources. Our lakes not only provide water for everyday use, but they provide recreational opportunities and serve to draw people to our community. We all need to be mindful so that we, and future generations, can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of our city.


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