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FEDA Loans

Kudos to the Fairmont Economic Development Authority for their approval of three loan requests at a recent meeting. One of those loans was for a new business in the form of a brewery. The other loans were CARES Act relief loans to two area businesses.

Local businesses need support, and it’s good to see that they’re getting it. It’s also nice to see new businesses attempting to come to our city. That’s what will drive further economic growth and keep our city going.

Industrial Hemp

Speaking of economic growth, congratulations to Brady Ekstrom for tackling the difficult subject of industrial hemp. It certainly seems like there are many valid markets for the controversial crop, with a wide variety of products that can be made. And who can argue with creating and sustaining jobs or trying to help local farmers?

But whether you agree or disagree, Ekstrom’s pioneer attitude toward tackling a difficult subject all to help the local economy is something to be commended. We need people who are willing to think outside to box with an eye on the future.

Student Choice Board

Congratulations are also in order for FHS administrators for putting together a Student Choice Board. There’s no question that our students have struggled with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving back and forth between learning models and not knowing what comes from day to day is difficult.

The Student Choice Board is meant to ensure children don’t get left behind, providing options such as after-school help from teachers, structured study hall, credit recovery, targeted services, after-school help from paraprofessionals, working lunch and peer tutoring. This is a great move for all involved.


It’s good to see the Prairieland facility in Truman preparing to get things up and running for later in the year. Director Billeye Rabbe rightly points out the popularity of things like coupons and off-site collections. It was also good to hear that the facility has been able to keep running normally during the pandemic, in spite of illness and harsh winter weather. Not many businesses and organizations can say the same.


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