We are winning, thanks to COVID soldiers

On Friday, when Gov. Tim Walz announced the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, he was enthusiastic and optimistic.

“I’m here to tell you that we’re winning. We’re winning, and this thing is coming to an end,” Walz said at his livestreamed announcement.

He’s right. The number of COVID-19 vaccinations is going up and the number of new cases and deaths each day is declining. While we have a long way to go before saying “We Won!”, it feels good to be able to say we have the upper hand.

And the reason we are winning is all the COVID-19 “soldiers” who have been fighting the battle. We’re talking about the doctors and nurses who have been treating the sick, the nursing home workers who have been maintaining tight security to keep the virus away from their patients, the school teachers who have been teaching online, or adapting their classrooms to make it safe for their students, and the public health workers who are tracking the disease and organizing vaccination clinics.

And most of all, we’re talking about you, all the people who have adapted their lives to make others safe, wearing their masks, maintaining social distance, forgoing hugs and handshakes, waving to grandkids on Zoom rather instead of visiting with them. Thanks to all of you, we are winning the war on COVID. But we do need to keep up the battle.


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