Governor loosens restrictions in Minnesota

Gov. Tim Walz announced Friday he is relaxing some restrictions on public gatherings. Starting today, churches will have no attendance limits, though social distancing will still be required. Bars and restaurants can be at 75% capacity, with a limit of 250 people, and bar seating for parties of four. Gyms and fitness centers can be at 50% capacity. You can go get a haircut with no concern. Social gatherings will go up to 50 people outside, and 15 indoors, with no household limits. The Twins will be able to welcome 10,000 fans to their home opener.

This is welcome, but we know there is still pressure to keep opening up until we’re back to normal. A group of business organizations are asking the governor to present a plan for reopening society, but such a plan could only be tentative. If the governor set up a timetable and then COVID started spiking, he’d have to backtrack and be accused of reneging.


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