Take a moment to stand with Buffalo

The shock of last week’s shooting at the Allina Clinic in Buffalo is still there, especially for the people of Buffalo and the health care workers in the clinic who were the target of the rampage.

Today, we can all do something to show solidarity with Buffalo and the clinic. Allina Health, parent company of the clinic (and of the New Ulm Medical Center clinic and hospital) is inviting communities across the state to participate in activities today, one week after the shooting. Among the activities, we can all observe a moment of silence at 11 a.m. We can wear purple, the color of the Buffalo community, or display purple lights.

New Ulm especially should be ready to show our care and support. Not only is New Ulm Medical Center a sister of the Allina Clinic in Buffalo, but the one victim of last week’s shooting, Lindsay Overbay, was a New Ulm native. Her family is suffering, and we can all at least take a moment at 11 a.m., bow our heads, and offer a prayer for Lindsay and her family.


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