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Public Works facility

The Fairmont City Council is taking a second look at the Public Works facility project after a discussion about whether the building should be made with precast cement or steel. Precast cement will last longer, but could further delay the $9.8 million project. Nevertheless, while the price is steep, an upgrade is needed. We agree with Councilman Bruce Peters that if the project needs to be done, it should be done right.

Students return to school

Martin and Faribault County students have either returned to in-person learning or will be doing so shortly. The pandemic has been tough on everyone, and we applaud the various school boards and administrations for making the tough calls to keep kids, families, and school staff safe while still providing quality education. It seems that students are in safe hands, and we trust that the same diligence will continue as communities cautiously reopen.

FHS vocational facility

A recent public meeting, the first of two, was held to discuss a $6.73 million vocational expansion project for the Fairmont Area School District. The meeting centered around the needs of the proposed facility, the kind of programming involved, and give the public pertinent information before voting on a bond referendum on Feb. 9. The idea is to equip students to become skilled labor workers who could find jobs in the Fairmont area. A second meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Jan 26.

Bob Garry

Congratulations to Bob Garry, who recently ended a 20-year run on the GHEC school board. In an interview with Superintendent Doug Storbeck, Garry noted he was able to learn from experienced colleagues, face challenges, and gain some wisdom and humility. That’s a successful run no matter how you slice it. Garry’s impact on the school board will certainly be missed, and we are glad he will be able to enjoy a new phase in life as he looks to the future.


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