Does Hagedorn still stand with Trump?

Hours after the U.S. Capitol was cleared of the Donald Trump-supporting insurrectionists last Wednesday, Congress took up the job the mob had tried to thwart, the verification of the electoral college vote and the declaration of Joe Biden as the president-elect.

Sadly, even after the destruction, the gunfire and the violence, some Republicans clung to their allegiance to Donald Trump and voted to object to the verified election results from Arizona and Pennsylvania. Rep. Jim Hagedorn of Minnesota’s First District was among them.

Hagedorn has long been a Trump true believer. In fact, his political beliefs predate Trump’s administration, but it wasn’t until after Trump was elected in 2016 that Hagedorn managed to win the First District seat by clinging to his coattails. He won re-election this past year by doing the same.

His willingness to vote to overturn election results at the bidding of the president make us wonder where his true allegiance lies. Is it with the people of the First District, or is it with the man who has so thoroughly dishonored and disgraced his office?


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