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Man gives to needy

Kudos to Eric Leach for turning a personal negative into a group positive. Put out of work due to an injury, Leach chose to find a way to help others during his own time of hardship, by gathering donations and giving them to the elderly and families in need. As we approach the Christmas season, Leach serves as an example to all of us. While 2020 has been stressful and painful for many, let’s not forget that there are people still willing to help their fellow man.

Mental health aid

Human Services of Faribault and Martin counties will be offering free mental health first aid courses in the first three months of the new year. The courses teach people how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness and substance abuse disorders. The courses are sure to be a benefit to those who take them, as well as their friends and loved ones. Many people have struggled throughout this pandemic, losing businesses and suffering depression. We hope these courses will help them keep moving forward.

City, County pass levies

Fairmont City Council members approved a 6.8 percent levy increase for 2021, a reduction from a proposed 7.3 percent increase. The drop was due to utilizing $150,000 from local option sales tax money. Meanwhile, Martin County Commissioners also approved a 2.8 percent increase for 20201, for a total of $17.5M. Both governing bodies are to be commended for doing their due diligence to keep levy increases as low as possible.

FEDA approves loans

There’s no denying that the pandemic is hurting businesses nationwide, so it’s good to see organizations like the Fairmont Economic Development Authority (FEDA) stepping in to do what they can. FEDA recently approved three five-year $25,000 loans at zero-percent interest for Korte’s Bar & Grill of Welcome, Shenanigans Cheer and Chow, and Schmitz Management Co., doing business as the Ranch. Keeping a local business up and going will help everybody in the long run.


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