For Martin County Commission: Belgard, Forshee

In District 1: Belgard

Martin County Commissioner Elliot Belgard has long served the county well. It’s no surprise. Prior to joining the county board, Belgard committed countless hours to Truman city government and to that community, where he is still active.

Belgard has proven himself a knowledgeable, thoughtful and friendly colleague on the commission. We believe he has a deep understanding of the issues faced by the county, something that includes knowing there are not easy solutions.

We believe Belgard has earned another term on the board.

It is difficult not to appreciate the interest in the job expressed by challenger Brad Buhmann, who recently retired from a 30-year career in policing. It is clear he would like to serve his community in a new way. We hope Buhmann will find other outlets should he not prevail in this race.

District 1 encompasses the eastern edge of Martin County, and includes the cities of Truman and Granada, as well as Ward 4, Precinct 2 in Fairmont.

In District 2: Forshee

Four candidates are running to fill the Martin County District 2 left vacant by the death of Tom Mahoney Jr. They are Jamie Bleese, James Forshee, Dan Geronsin and Kyle Gustafson.

It is clear to us that the candidate with the most experience and knowledge is former Auditor/Treasurer James Forshee, who retired from the county in 2019. Forshee brings with him a wealth of information that would be invaluable on the county board. Not only when it comes to finances, but also related to the whole gamut of county operations.

We believe voters in the district cannot go wrong by turning to Forshee, and we hope they will back him.

District 2 covers the central and eastern portions of the city of Fairmont.

Note: Martin County commissioners Kathy Smith, District 3, and Steve Flohrs, District 5, are running unopposed this year.


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