Et Cetera …

Getting more efficient

The city of Welcome this week studied a proposal for new water meters and readers. We hope the city moves forward with the project, as it seems ready to do.

We also hope other area cities, including other small towns, are paying attention. Modern meters can transmit their information without anyone having to walk up to them and “read” them as in days gone by. This improves efficiency and monthly billing, and can be used in combination with online bill pay or an app to make life easier for utility customers. It’s win-win for everyone.

Projects move ahead

The pleasant autumn weather has been conducive to a lot of improvement projects in the area, from residential sites, to commercial projects, to major road repairs. We extend kudos to the hard-working crews out there.

We note this week that the County Road 16 project to the west of Blue Earth is expected to wrap up by the end of the month. This is certainly good news for travelers from Fairmont.

Work also continues steadily in downtown Fairmont. It’s great to see the progress.

A dog can be a menace

We do not envy Blue Earth City Council members, who seem to be constantly confronted by problems involving dangerous dogs, or potentially dangerous dogs. Nor do we understand the dog owners who object to council actions aimed at their dogs, especially when those animals have actually attacked people.

Many people love dogs, but dogs come with inherent issues, whether it is their barking that annoys the neighbors or something more serious. Dog owners need to be responsible, but some never seem so. So cities must act when necessary.

Organizers nix debate

The commission that organizes presidential debates has canceled the second one between President Trump and former Vice President Biden because Trump refused to participate “virtually.” Good for Trump.

The debate was supposed to be a town hall format. That means the candidates take questions directly from an audience. They do not have to hug the voters or shake their hands. But the commission had a little freak out because of Trump’s recent COVID diagnosis. Talk about getting carried away by fear. Couldn’t audience members simply be “warned” about the situation and given a choice whether to take part?


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