Violence in major cities does not need to go on

Politicians generally try to “spin” the reality around them to make themselves look good and their opponents look bad. When it comes to party politics, the same rules apply. Break down a politician’s message and it might be, “Well, our party is honest and well-intentioned, offering good policies. Our opponents are liars and idiots.”

The truth is generally more nuanced. Parties promote a certain set of ideas or plans, then downplay some of the consequences as minor or irrelevant. But every policy choice has trade-offs. Which should be the basis of political discourse. These days, however, it just seems there’s a lot of yelling going on. Which is not productive.

One huge problem in America today is what’s happening in our major cities. Peaceful protests against police brutality morphed into violence, spurred by left-wing agitators who do not want the opportunity of a crisis to go to waste.

President Trump has highlighted the danger and destruction wrought by the Marxists and anarchists, who are clearly the cause of the chaos and violence. Trump also has tried to tie the violence to Democratic opponent Joe Biden. We do not believe Biden approves of what is happening, although his condemnations, such as those issued Wednesday, are coming late.

Meanwhile, Biden’s attempt to pin the violence on Trump is ridiculous. Trump has offered federal help to cities to quell the uprisings. It is being refused in many places that are still not keeping their citizens safe. Many liberal mayors and governors do not wish to upset — i.e. lose the support of — the left-wing protesters, apparently no matter how violent they get. It’s party or ideology before public safety, we guess.

The complicated messes we see in the big cities could be simplified and solved. There is an immediate need for authorities to end all violence. Agitators should be arrested and charged. Federal help should be accepted. As Biden said Wednesday, police and communities need to communicate and work together. As Trump argues, we should support our police officers. As everyone would agree, the “bad apples” on police forces must be tossed out. As Biden notes, no one wants the rogue officers gone more than their fellow cops, who suffer for the sins of the few.


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