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Transit extends relief

The Faribault and Martin County transit system has been a blessing for many this year as the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives and gouged pocketbooks. Transit suspended its fares earlier this year, through Aug. 31. Now it has extended this relief through the end of the year.

Transit is not only helping people get where they need to go, it is helping deliver food to them from food shelves. About 200 meals or essential packages are delivered each week.

Transit is utilizing funding from the federal CARES Act to provide these services.

Working on solutions?

There have been real tragedies occurring in the United States tied to the excessive use of force by police, resulting in the deaths of black citizens. Many of the ensuing protests have been peaceful. Many have not. And some are not even tied to reality.

In Minneapolis this week, rioters and looters struck on or near Nicollet Mall, following misinformation getting out about the suicide of a black homicide suspect. A pub was set on fire. Stores were broken into and goods stolen. None of which involves caring to work on solutions, or even beginning to be interested in what’s really going on.

Trump lauds our nation

We appreciated President Trump’s message this week about the United States as he accepted the Republican nomination for president. Contrary to the current theme of Democrats, Trump does not view America as a land of racial, economic and social injustice. He views it as a land of opportunity.

America’s history is not perfect, but the nation is exceptional, and has repeatedly shown itself to be despite the obstacles. Its values include personal liberty, hard work, family, faith, bravery, ingenuity, exploration, and industrial and technological might. It just needs to stick to them and move forward.

Europe moves ahead

We cannot say we agree much with socialist Europe, but this week we must, as nations there are emphasizing putting children back in classrooms. There they can learn instead of falling behind, potentially for years to come.

Remarkably, in contrast to controversy in the United States, European politicians from across the political spectrum agree that kids are better off in school, despite the pandemic. In Britain, parents are even threatened with fines if they keep their kids home.

The Europeans are adding some rules, such as mask use, and even building new classrooms. But the message is clear: School will be open.


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