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Group saves animals

Most people love animals. When it comes to pets, some prefer dogs, others cats. But not every dog or cat out there has a good home. Some are strays. Some are abused. Some of their owners just cannot keep them for whatever reason.

Thank goodness then for the Martin County Humane Society, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Its caring has saved the lives of thousands of creatures that faced a fate none of them deserved.

We encourage area residents to donate to the Humane Society, or to adopt a pet from it. The phone number is (507) 238-1885.

Seeking outside help

The Fairmont Economic Development Authority this week moved toward hiring outside help to sell Whitetail Ridge housing lots. There are 10 lots still for sale under what is a joint project between the city of Fairmont and Fairmont Area Schools. Ten lots have already sold.

FEDA plans to hire a real estate agency to help find buyers for the remaining lots, which are actually less expensive than the ones that have sold. They also are smaller. For whatever reason, there has been a slowdown in sales.

We hope the transactions pick up. The venture was an inventive idea.

Restoring the land

Some people in Fairmont were apparently upset about the removal of a line of trees on the south side of Fairmont High School. The school this week explained what is happening and why the work is necessary.

According to the district, invasive buckthorn was taking over the grove, which will be replanted with native Minnesota trees. It’s all part of an effort to make sure the Kehrberg Prairie, dedicated in 2005, can be preserved as it should be and also used as a learning tool for students.

The school district deserves thanks for its efforts and the explanation.

Senate under assault

An anti-gun group has made the Minnesota Senate a specific target this year as it eyes flipping the body from Republican to Democratic, in hopes of passing new gun legislation.

It’s unfortunate that an outside group — Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund — would meddle in Minnesota, but they are here nevertheless. We hope citizens who back the Second Amendment are just as willing to be active in protecting people’s right to bear arms. The Senate is all that stands between what exists now and a whole host of bad legislation on a wide variety of topics.


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