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Public needs access

Martin County commissioners this week tackled the topic of whether to continue meeting via videoconferencing, and what to do when the state of Minnesota’s emergency declaration ends. The board apparently can continue to meet as it has been, but this raises questions about public access.

Perhaps the commissioners can consider getting back to public meetings at some point, with precautions — such as mask-wearing — for those in attendance. People are able to shop and go to other public venues. Shouldn’t they be able to attend government meetings?

Religious rights wins

The Supreme Court this week reached major decisions in freedom of religion cases, ruling that employers have rights that are not superseded by what their employees may desire. The court ruled 7-2 that employers can opt out of providing free birth control to workers, coverage that was required under Obamacare. The court also ruled 7-2 that certain employees of religious schools cannot sue for employment discrimination.

No one is forced to work at a religious institution where they may find beliefs at odds with their own. The court’s rulings affirm this concept.

Backing the process

The Supreme Court made another important ruling this week, telling states they can require presidential electors to vote for the person who was their state’s popular vote-getter.

Electors are the people who actually put a president in office. Over the decades, there have been several instances of electors being “faithless,” or voting for someone other than the candidate who won their state. These are silly people who believe their time in the spotlight is more important than our political process. They are not honorable and every state should put a stop to their shenanigans for good.

Music slated in park

Red Rock Center for the Arts in Fairmont has been a casualty of the coronavirus. Its programming, events and concerts have been shelved, and the facility is contemplating its future amid ongoing efforts to keep people socially distanced.

We hope area residents keep Red Rock in mind and consider lending a hand, financially if possible.

In the meantime, Red Rock is looking at ways to stay active. It will host “Music in the Park” at noon Fridays through July 24 at Citizens Park on Downtown Plaza. The gatherings will include free food. We encourage people to check it out.


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