Mainstream media misses boat on blame

The United States has been going through a lot this year, but it seems that regardless of the issue — coronavirus, reopening the economy, Black Lives Matter riots — the national mainstream media does all it can to smear blame on the Trump administration and its political allies. It’s patently unfair.

The Trump team has addressed the virus through a White House task force headed by Vice President Mike Pence. It has made numerous recommendations to all Americans, and it has helped distribute equipment and supplies to states in need. Trump’s view subsequently shifted to focus on reopening the economy, as the president was forced to weigh virus casualties versus national economic ruin. It’s easy to point a finger at rising virus numbers or deaths and suggest Trump, or Republican state governors, did something wrong by seeking reopening. But critics do not explain how Americans are supposed to exist and pay their bills without jobs. Or how much permanent damage would be done to businesses by a longer shutdown.

As for the riots, we note that Trump is exactly right when he says the protests have morphed into a left-wing revolution. Socialists and nitwits have hijacked an otherwise valid concern to make sure police are held accountable. However, there is also falsehood associated with the movement. The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis led to the recent riots. But his alleged killers have been charged, so the justice system is working, actually.

Black Lives Matters dates back to 2013, when Barack Obama was president and Eric Holder was attorney general. Which means they had three years to address alleged racial injustice, before Trump was elected. Why didn’t Obama work with the mayors of major cities, all of whom are Democrats, to tackle the problem? Why to this day are Democrats getting a free ride on their complete failure to stop the plague of crime in places such as Baltimore, Chicago or Detroit? Or on their failures to address educational reform in inner cities?

Easier to blame Trump, who tweets too much, than to study the places where the actual problems exist amid entrenched, one-party (Democratic) rule, entrenched bureaucracies and entrenched teacher unions. Places where politics matters and where people pay the price.


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