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Campsites reopening

Martin County commissioners this week moved ahead with reopening county parks, although with added sanitary precautions and limits on the quantity of campers. We believe commissioners have done the right thing. It is summer and much “camping” is done outdoors, where people want to be and where the coronavirus is less likely to be spread.

Most of society is moving back toward some level of normalcy despite the COVID-19 epidemic, and if shops and restaurants can reopen again, campsites are a no-brainer.

Entities shift programs

Other groups are being more cautious, and it rightly so. However they are not giving up on their creativity. We note and extend kudos to several programs finding ways to cope and succeed despite the hurdles imposed by the virus.

Fairmont Community Education and Recreation’s summer playground program has a new format. It is a virtual program for students in grades K-6.

Meanwhile, Red Rock Center for the Arts in Fairmont will host a virtual open mic night Monday.

And the Fairmont Opera House is busy innovating to offer livestreaming.

A wonderful addition

You can tell when people really care about something, because they commit time, energy and resources to the project. Such is the case with the effort to install a 1966 Bell Cobra helicopter at the Martin County Veterans Memorial site along Winnebago Avenue in Fairmont. The installation took place this week, and involved many committed veterans, who also obtained and restored the chopper.

The helicopter is an amazing addition to an already beautiful and moving memorial. We thank all those involved and, of course, all those who served.

Police deserve support

According to polling, Americans views on policing and race have shifted in wake of recent notorious incidents. Certainly, it is proper for citizens to be concerned. And for their lawmakers to consider reforms to ensure that police officers are held accountable.

But Americans also need to retain some perspective. There are 50,000 to 60,000 assaults on police officers each year. Police kill about 1,000 people, half of them white and one-quarter black. Some police officers may be vicious or racist, but there are 800,000 cops in this country and it is beyond unfair to paint them with a broad brush. Most protect and serve, and do it well.


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