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Making the right choice

Everyone is disappointed, we are sure, that the Martin County Fair board of directors has decided to cancel the fair for 2020. The fair is always eagerly anticipated and always a great time, given everything it offers and given the chance to mingle with old friends and make new ones.

However, we believe the fair board has done the right thing, given the COVID-19 pandemic. We have noted before that events that are optional do not need to be held, so why put people’s health at risk?

We will be among the many looking forward to the fair in 2021.

Aquatic Park to open

People will subsequently ask why, then, is it OK for the Fairmont Aquatic Park to move forward with plans to reopen in coming weeks? We believe the answer lies in the venue, with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control stating there is no evidence of coronavirus spreading at aquatic sites. Perhaps it has something to do with the sanitary environment, i.e. chlorine.

In any case, we believe the Fairmont City Council did the right thing this week in opting to reopen the pool. Children and families need the opportunity to enjoy the summer with some recreation.

Site may very well close

The Martin County West School Board has been studying the Welcome school site for a lengthy period of time and contemplating whether to close it. It has been a thorough process, with much expert input, along with questions and comments from district residents.

The school board is expected later this month to make a decision about the facility, and it may very well choose to close the school. We believe board members are on a path toward backing closure and we concur that such a decision is in the best interests of the district.

Students gain input

The Fairmont Area School Board this week voted to approve the addition of three students to serve on the board as non-voting members. We believe this is a great idea that will benefit the board and help inform everyone about the thoughts and concerns of students.

Some people may express skepticism about young people offering constructive input, but we believe students should be given the chance. We believe their insights could be valuable. Their presence also should serve to educate the students themselves and any of their peers looking for more information about district decision-making.


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