Fairmont should move to reopen city’s parks

Fairmont’s Park Board met this week and its members seemed to agree that the city should reopen its parks, and have bathrooms and picnic tables ready for people to use. We agree.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced Wednesday that businesses such as bars, restaurants, salons, etc., that have been closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic will be allowed to reopen, with safety precautions, beginning June 1. We see no reason why outdoor venues like parks should be closed.

Park board members talked about giving the public access to bathrooms. This is something people expect when they visit local green spaces to enjoy a picnic, to let the kids run around or to land at a dock. Park board members say people need to get back to personal responsibility for their activities in public, and if they are at high risk for COVID-19 they should not go out. The city too can take an active role by ensuring proper sanitation at its park restrooms.

In the end, we see opening up the parks as a positive, giving people the chance to get outside and enjoy the air and sunshine, when it arrives. We hope the city moves forward on the issue.


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