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Congrats, graduates

Fairmont Area High School students moved through a process Friday afternoon to pick up their caps and gowns, then their diploma covers. They went one at a time in light of COVID-19 concerns. Each student was announced and recorded on video. It all will be edited together, along with speeches by administrators and students, to create a most unusual graduation “ceremony.”

Other schools likewise are adapting.

We extend congratulations to all area graduates for all their achievements. Things may seem odd this year, but it certainly will be memorable.

FEDA plan is just fine

Fairmont’s Economic Development Authority holds an option to buy 40 acres of land southwest of Exit 99 off Interstate 90.

The idea is to obtain more industrial park land, as the city has nearly run out. Utilities are going to be extended to site, with help from a state grant.

City Councilman Tom Hawkins, who serves on the FEDA board, has problems with the plan, for some reason. But it’s not that complicated. When the city works to lure a firm to town, it wants to be able to say it owns the land that is to be offered. FEDA is rightly sticking with its concept.

Remove faithless electors

The Supreme Court this week heard arguments in a case involving “faithless electors.” Electors actually cast the votes that determine who becomes U.S. president. The issue before the court involves what states can do about electors who cast ballots for someone other than the state popular vote winner.

Faithless electors usually represent some odd protest movement. But they also represent a basic threat to our system, should the Electoral College vote be close. States should be allowed to punish these people, and to replace them when necessary.

City asks right questions

The Fairmont City Council is living in limbo when it comes to whether to open the city’s Aquatic Park this summer. Officials are awaiting state guidance, as large gatherings of people are banned, for now.

Some pools in area cities already have decided to close. Others are in the same situation as Fairmont.

It is important to note that a pool does not just open overnight. It must be prepared. Staff must be ready to serve.

The pool also represents a liability risk if virus cases can be linked to its operation.

City officials are asking the right questions about opening the site this year. We believe they will find the right answer.


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