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Follow the guidelines

Martin County residents learned this week that the first few cases of COVID-19 are popping up here. And there is community spread, which means those infected have not reported traveling or having come into contact with someone known to have the virus. In other words, COVID-19 is simply out there.

People are probably tired of hearing about precautions already, but they are a must. Stay home, except to get necessities. Wash your hands. Use social distancing from others. Don’t touch your face. Following guidelines helps you and others.

Many deserve thanks

With the coronavirus inserting itself into society and changing countless things about all of our lives, we extend thanks to those who are working on the front lines to deal with the pandemic.

This includes elected officials at the federal, state, county, city and school levels, and all the government staff members as well. It includes those in emergency management, public health and Human Services.

Perhaps most importantly, we thank our medical professionals for being ready and willing to confront the crisis and assist patients.

It’s like fast tax relief

The federal government is looking at various ways to get money into the hands of Americans, who are suddenly faced with the prospect that their employer may be forced to shut down to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. This includes, but is not limited to, those who work at bars, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and other places that cater to people’s entertainment needs. The feds may send checks directly to everyone.

We have no problem with this. It is an effort to alleviate a (relatively) short-term crisis. Americans pay federal taxes and the checks can simply be considered emergency tax refunds.

Backing a basic right

Faribault County commissioners this week backed a resolution designating the county a “Second Amendment Dedicated County.” This is a commitment to support the rights of county residents (and all Americans) to keep and bear arms, as the Second Amendment provides and as the Supreme Court has upheld.

Millions of Americans do not like guns on principle, and would happily take away other Americans’ rights to possess them. Such a view is anti-freedom. We agree with commissioners and their decision. It publicly reinforces a constitutional right.


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