Biden victories are good for Americans

Amid all the news about the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing political process to select the nation’s next president has continued albeit with subdued media attention. Democrat Joe Biden, the former vice president, has been piling up victories in recent weeks, and this is good news for all Americans. Because his only remaining opponent is Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont.

Sanders is a socialist, which makes him a humorless zealot advocating disproven ideas disconnected from reality. With the pandemic raging around him, Sanders is still laser focused on his left-wing horror that somewhere, somehow someone might be creating and keeping wealth. Bernie’s bogeymen are corporations and their CEOs. He is relentless in his view that businesses are institutions in society that plot daily to find ways to hurt their employees. Sanders is blind with bitterness, inspired by socialist despots and unlearned, it would seem, in world history or basic economics.

Sanders spoke this week about how worried he is that corporations or their fat cat leaders might benefit from government aid or relief, given the coronavirus. Yeah, Bernie, that’s real concerning.

Thousands upon thousands of businesses and millions of workers are facing economic hardship right now or in coming weeks. They are all in it together, as the pandemic proves. The businesses have services, products and goals (including profits). The workers have skills, drive, professionalism and goals (including wages). The inane socialist notion that these two “sides” are natural adversaries is absurd. They actually partake in a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s one that works and has provided mankind with more benefits than any other “system” ever imagined or implemented.

Biden or even President Trump are not perfect in their views of government, business and society. But they “get it.” As in reality. They can adapt, unlike Sanders, who is locked into socialist nonsense.


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