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Board drafts priorities

The Blue Earth Area School Board this week discussed and outlined goals that we believe will serve the district well, with several being absolutely crucial.

The school board knows it must address deficit spending, as it also works to pass an operating levy, something voters recently rejected.

A key component throughout the process is going to be communication, which is another of the board’s priorities. School leaders rightly want to work diligently to promote unity among the towns that comprise Blue Earth Area.

Districts weigh response

We note this week that our area school districts are considering what they can and should do as they keep a watchful eye on the coronavirus pandemic that has swept around the world.

Schools may be forced to turn to e-learning or other options for instruction, while sporting events may or may not be held. The trend in public life now is certainly aimed at stopping mass gatherings to halt the transmission of the virus.

We know our school leaders are responsible people and will take the steps needed when necessary.

Preparation matters

Fairmont City Council members felt some surprise this week when one of their colleagues brought up a couple of weighty topics for inclusion on the group’s meeting agenda. It is difficult to have fruitful discussions in such circumstances because city staff and elected leaders do not have time to prepare. One person’s poor planning should not become everyone else’s problem.

The council has made efforts this year to try to smooth its divisions. Part of being respectful to one another has to include some forewarning, right?

Avoiding further hoaxes

The U.S. House this week took an important first step, and made an important acknowledgement, when it passed a bill that would address errors made by the FBI during its investigation of the Trump campaign and Russia.

The FBI had applied under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to eavesdrop on a former Trump campaign aide, but its applications were full of omissions and missteps, according to an inspector general report. The bill would require future FISA applications to include any available information that would contradict the premise for surveillance. While the Russia hoax has come and gone, the hope would be to prevent any new such abuse.


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