This time of year: Don’t forget charities

We hope you and yours enjoyed a happy holiday season. Now, of course, comes the period of getting our household budgets back in order after a few weeks of spending more than we had planned.

Many charitable organizations serving area residents will find themselves in the same predicament. The Christmas season and winter in general are hard on their budgets too.

Compounding the problem is the fact that many of us, making up for excess spending at Christmas time, may trim our contributions to worthy causes.

Yes, charity begins at home. By all means, get the holiday season bills paid.

But as soon as possible, think of the less fortunate in our area communities. They need help all year long, especially during the next few cold months.

Higher utility bills have to be paid. Food still must be put on the table. The children need warm winter coats. For the homeless, sub-freezing temperatures can be a crisis.

And the organizations that help the needy will be struggling too if people feel that charitable giving doesn’t need to extend beyond the holidays.

The compassion shown by area residents during the holidays is truly heart-warming. Bless all who help our neighbors. But the new year brings challenges too. Please consider giving regularly to charitable organizations during 2020.


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