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Give the money back

Minnesota lawmakers will resume their work Feb. 11 when they begin a new legislative session. Given divided government, expect policy and budget clashes once again. However, we believe they all should agree on one thing: Minnesotans are not undertaxed, as is evident in the projected $1.5 billion state budget surplus.

The surplus means the state can fill its rainy day fund to the tune of $2.4 billion, with money to spare. Which means tax relief should be part of the equation as well. It’s the people’s money. Give it back.

U.S. takes out terrorist

The nation of Iran is fueled by an irrational theology. It is a long-standing menace in the Middle East, where it spreads terror and repression of individual human liberty. It makes a special effort to attack and undermine U.S. interests. As it did recently by supporting an attack on the U.S. embassy in Iraq.

The U.S. has responded, forcefully and with justice. It has killed the leader of Iran’s Quds Force, which sows havoc in the Mideast. Iran now promises a reprisal, which should be met with a U.S. response. If Iran cannot learn, then it should pay.

‘Bureau 14’ beneficial

It is easier, we suppose, to sit around and speculate about the operations of one’s city, school district or local employers than it is to actually make the effort to learn something about them. But easier is not better.

Kudos then to the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and its “Bureau 14,” which meets monthly to help shine a light on local happenings. Local stakeholders are present to offer information and answer questions. The gatherings also serve as a way for business people and community leaders to network, forging relationships that benefit the community in the long term.

Good guy saves lives

Who can say what drives an attacker to walk into a school, church or other public place and open fire on innocent people? The reasons may vary or there may be little to no “reason” involved. To put it bluntly: Crazy is crazy.

What stops crazy? A good guy with a gun, as was evident recently in White Settlement, Texas, where a church shooter was killed by a 71-year-old firearms instructor and reserve sheriff’s deputy.

Jack Wilson, the hero, said the entire confrontation took about six seconds. Had he and his pistol not been there, who knows how many of the church’s 240 congregants would have lost their lives?


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